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Using Social Media for Recruiting Locally

using social media for recruiting

This post will train you on using Social Media for Recruiting, specifically, in your local area.

IF you want to build a large team, you are going to love this replay training from the other night.

Don’t Take My Word for It!

My wife Jessica is your trainer for today and she has been testing out using social media for recruiting for YEARS. She literally built almost her entire business using social media for recruiting and now she’s teaching you how to do that but for your local area.

By the way, she just loves it when I use this picture of her lol (she’s my social media tiger!)

Her training, in my biased opinion, is the very best training on using social media for recruiting in the profession AND if you understand that almost your entire team is ON social media but doing it wrong, it is BADLY needed in network marketing but don’t take my word for it!

Patti Proulx from Austin, Texas says “Thank you Jessica Higdon! I messaged 10 people last night after your FB Webinar, and got 8 replies, and 4 out of the 8 wanted more information! And that was just doing it without even really knowing what I was doing yet! One is meeting me tonight at our live presentation! Thanks so much!!!!!”

Jeremy Ryan Washington from Memphis, Tennessee says “I watched Jessica’s local prospecting webinar and immediately implemented it and messaged 10 people in my local area. 4 out of 10 people replied and I got a appointment also. All within 24hours!!”

Terry Gremaux from Lewistown, Montana says “I’ve sponsored 3 people in a week using the local prospecting formula, I’m excited to teach this to my team and to my audience.”

Training: Using Social Media for Recruiting Locally

What if your team ALL starting using social media for recruiting and actually started doing it right? Feel free to share this with them and comment below if you got some value from her training. Super proud of her and deeply appreciate your support of her and her training!

To Your Abundance!

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