4 Steps to Building a Local MLM Team & Why You Want To

We had a packed house in Denver

The Internet is great for sponsoring but sucks for duplication and retention. If you ever want to build an empire, you have to learn how to build a local MLM team or at least learn how to help others build local teams. This blog will teach you how to do just that but also why you want to.

Why You Want to Learn How to Build a Local MLM Team

Hype will get people to make a move and a decision but rarely gets them to stick. When tech stocks were skyrocketing everyone jumped in, same as real estate, it is also the same for network marketing. When a company has huge momentum, people will jump in based on the hype, however, if you want people to actually stick around, you need to create a community and one of the best ways to do that is to build locally.

Do you mean I have to talk to my friends and family?

No, I am not saying that. I teach people how to talk to people they do know but also who they do not know, I think having a skill mix of both is ideal, however, if an online signup is worth one point, I would argue that a local signup is worth 2. When you build locally you can create a community where people get to be a part of something that is more real to them than on a webinar.

If you build locally you can more easily duplicate and you will attract the attention of other leaders and upline and even the company. You can incorporate local restaurants for lunch meetings (which usually make good prospects) and it is easier to create a buzz in a small pond than the large pond of the Internet. There are also many tools you can use online and offline to help you market your local meetings as well. If you can envision an empire, it would be many local communities around the world all doing meetings whether you are there or not. I recently traveled to three of my hottest cities (Denver, Sacramento, Honolulu) that all have a local mlm team and got some great ideas from them.

4 Ways to Build a Local MLM Team

1. Prospect at local events. People that show up to chamber events, wealth events and real estate events are more prone to show up to other events (including yours) and also know people that will come as well. (for tips on prospecting you can visit my recorded webinar at Prospecting Secrets)

2. Use Bandit Signs to attract locals. Make this a qualifying headline and use a good voicemail script, you can get my webinar at Cheap Signs Marketing to get both

3. Once you have sponsored 3-5 people in your area, start doing local meetings. I started with lunch meetings with a restaurant owner that I signed up into my business. You can see more on this at Local MLM Team Building at Lunch Meetings

4. Reach out and contact an upline leader that you respect and ask them what it takes to get them to come to your area. For me, I go to an area once there are 25 people on autoship. If you are a company with hundreds of thousands of people then the upline will probably have stricter requirements on what it would take to get them out there. When I go to a city, we test the results of the visit and then plan subsequent visits and even company events.

Video: 4 Ways to Build a Local MLM Team


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