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Should You Run Lunch Meetings for Your MLM?

First of all, isn’t that an amazing looking burger? LOL. So, you are considering running lunch meetings for your MLM? MLM lunch meetings can have a profound impact on your business and I have done them for a long time. In this post I am going to tell you why you should and how best to run them.

Why Run MLM Lunch Meetings?

People are going to eat lunch anyway, why not have them eat lunch while hearing about your opportunity? MLM Lunch meetings provide a great alternative to the working class that may not want to show up to a night meeting. Lunch meetings, in my opinion, are less threatening to some versus a night meeting. Running lunch meetings also gives your team a great venue to bring prospects.

What Type of Restaurant Should You Pick?

I believe the backbone of this country is in the small business owner and I try my best to support local. My perfect place to hold a lunch meeting is at a locally owned restaurant where I have actually brought the business owners into my business. Some of you probably never thought about that, well, why not? If you are going to spend time and money to market a weekly lunch where the owner benefits, why not bring them into the business? I do choose restaurants that have a back or side room conducive to meetings and presentations.
When Should You Start Running MLM Lunch Meetings?

This answer varies depending on who you talk to. I prefer to have a few people on autoship and in the business in an area, such as 3-4 people, before I start doing lunch meetings. I think it is a lot more powerful doing this strategy as more than one person marketing the event will certainly help you out.

How Should You Run the Lunch Meeting?

I tell everyone that the lunch meeting starts at Noon. I get with the waiter or waitress and ask them to take the orders as soon as possible as people come in. I tell everyone we will get started once everyone orders. Regardless of when people show up, I do not wait until after 12:15 to start the presentation. You want to keep your presentation to around 30 minutes. I tell people to go ahead and eat while I am presenting, this keeps them more quiet too! So the ideal structure to me is:

Noon – 12:15 – Take orders
12:15-12:45 – Present
12:45 – 1:00 or later – Answer questions

Now I answer questions by going around to each table, I do not typically take them from the crowd. As you know with MLM meetings there will always be that knucklehead that is super negative and you don’t want that person (that only came to talk everyone out of changing their lives) spoiling those with open minds. You always want to have signup sheets at the meeting for the people that want to get involved right away. At these meetings you also want to inform everyone of other upcoming meetings and trainings.

When Will I Know If They Are Working?

MLM lunch meetings are not one hit wonders. I recommend you run lunch meetings for at least 2 months before you decide to throw in the towel. It is rare to get a great turnout the first few weeks but I have built large organizations strictly through these meetings.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions I did not cover about MLM lunch meetings!

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