Ever notice when you expect something to happen or expect it to turn out a certain way, it usually does? Have you ever noticed how when you are around people that think you are awesome…YOU ARE AWESOME? And when you are around people that you know don’t really care for you, you never seem to say or do the right things?
Your beliefs become your experience. When you think the least of someone, they will deliver for you. When you believe something is going to be hard or impossible to do, that will be your experience. Did you know that some people, like me, are addicted to the beliefs that they are lucky and that money and happiness comes easily and frequently? When you have good things as your beliefs, that is what you experience!
Some believe that nothing good can happen to them unless they take massive action or work really hard. If those individuals are unable to or just not motivated enough to work hard, as long as they have the belief that without working hard they cannot succeed, they will not. Some people wonder why others never work hard, nor ever worry but they seem to have a charmed life and are just lucky with what comes their way. If you ask those individuals why they think they are “lucky”, they would usually say that they just believe things come to them or that they are lucky. Talk to people who have won the lottery multiple times or the ones that always seem to win contests and you will find different THINKING (not action) than those that are struggling. THINK ABOUT IT!