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You Can’t Take it Personally if You Want Success in MLM

If you are to have success in MLM, you have to learn not to take things personally. This is perhaps, THE most critical part of your personality you have to develop or you will never, ever make it. You are going to have people bash you, your company, the industry and even your dreams. At the times of greatest rebukement, you are that much closer to achieving your dreams, if, you hold your ground!

Success in MLM has already been proven…

When someone bashes the entire industry of network marketing, they are, well, how do I say this, dumb. Here is something you can chew on, What do these companies have in common?

– Bank or America
– Verizon
– Nestle
– Jp Morgan
– Honda
– Citigroup
– Nokia
– Nissan

They all have revenue lower than the network marketing industry. Thanks for the info Wikipedia. MLM is a $114 billion industry. If someone thinks it is a baloney industry, don’t defend it, as that would be taking it personally, but simply think about any of the above companies and understand that it is like them telling you that those companies also don’t make money.

Those who have Success in MLM have been ridiculed

People can be rough. Yesterday a lady was attacking the sweetest woman I have ever met, my fiance. On facebook she was calling her a gold digger and really digging into her because she posted a picture of the Amway center in Orlando. People can be cruel. Some never left the bully stages of middle and high school. Here is what you have to understand and keep in perspective:

Those that lash out at you only do so out of unhappiness within themselves.

Everyone is going through their own struggle and cope with life differently. The fact that you are doing something different than them can be challenging to some, challenging them for never chasing their dreams. If you are to have success in mlm, or, success in anything for that matter, you have to step back and view the landscape rather than jump in the mud and wallow in it with them. Those that criticize and tell you that you are a con artist or that you got scammed or that you are going to rip people off are simply lashing out because they are unhappy in their life and what if yours actually works out?

On my journey to creating massive success in mlm, I have read hundreds of nasty emails, facebook posts, and even a very few phone calls that were aimed at “bringing me down to size” or “putting me in my place”. Understand that those that deem themselves worthy of judging you, are not. Do your best to surround yourself with the right team and people that actually support and encourage you, when you hold that vibration, the negative people will diminish around you.

You don’t know what people are going through but they are going through something. That does NOT mean you have to put up with it and let them bring you down, it means that be more understanding of their position and wish them well along their way. If someone is overly negative to me, I simply let them do their thing and I don’t defend myself or try to prove my rightness. You can usually pick to be right or be happy, which one have you been picking?

Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity. – Lou Holtz

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