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Would You Sign Up With You? – 5 Hints to Help With That Answer

For some of you, that question is not very pleasant to even think about. But this, like I try with all my posts, is meant to be helpful, not hurtful. Understanding how you determine and answer the question, “Would you sign up with you?” can help you determine a right course of action to become someone of value that will attract others that WANT to hand you their credit card and sign up with you in your network marketing business.

Question One: Do you desire a leader that complains about spillover, upline support or how tough the business is?
Probably not. so if you want to be a leader and get others wanting to join your team, avoid these income reducing activities immediately.

Question Two: Would you sign up with someone who was not focused on you and the company you were joining with?
Probably not. In fact, I have sponsored a lot of people that were introduced to my business from someone else, but, that person was also pushing 50 other products so they didn’t want to enroll with someone who wasn’t focused on just one. I have never met someone that made a million a year in network marketing that did more than one company.

Question Three: Do you want a leader that plans how much they are going to do, talks about how much they are going to do, or, someone who actually does something?
You want to enroll with a person of action, so, if you want to attract people, take massive action. There will be people that watch you for months to see how serious you are before they even tell you they are interested. I have had that happen a lot.

Question Four: Do you want to sign someone who brags about what they did in 1958? Or that they were the number 3 earner in XYZ company ten years ago?
Doubtful, so don’t be that has-been. No one cares to hear what you did ten years ago, roll up your sleeves and go to work now.

Question Five: Do you want to sign with someone who isn’t sure about their business and lacks confidence?
Definitely Not, you will not succeed in this business without believing in your company and product.

So you see, if you reverse engineer what attracts you to enroll with someone, you can figure out the traits you need to have and also the traits you want to avoid to be a successful leader in mlm.

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