OK, Apple, Microsoft, GE and many other companies were started in a down economy, but what about everyday people, can we all have a consistent multiple stream of income? This article is meant to give you ideas for an ever increasing multiple stream of income. But first, let’s step back, why should we even consider consistent multiple stream of incomes? One important thing to understand is THERE IS NO RECESSION ON THE INTERNET. So, my strategies will all involve the Internet.

Multiple stream of income #1
– Consider creating a class on what you do best and do it as a webinar. You can charge for someone to attend a webinar and a webinar can be saved and played later. Think about DOING a webinar one time and then selling access to that webinar MANY times.

Multiple stream of income #2
– If you have something you like, find out if they have an affiliate program. For example, I use the heck out of Vistaprint and order free stuff all the time. They have an affiliate program too where I have referred many people to and brought in extra income. My personal vistaprint affiliate program is here and you can get free stuff and then also become an affiliate of Vistaprint. Almost any major company online has an affiliate program, check out your favorite thing!

Multiple stream of income #3
– Make yourself more valuable! What I mean in this strategy is if you make yourself interesting online, by building social networking followings, or by blogging interesting things and getting a following that way, you can attract two things. One, traffic and two, advertisers. If you have a huge following of people in your hometown of let’s say, Fort Myers, FL and I am someone trying to get the word of my company out in Fort Myers, well, that company may be willing to pay you to help them market their business. The other thing you can do when you have a highly trafficked blog is install adsense from Google. Adsense is Google’s advertising software that can go on any site and if someone clicks an ad from your website, you get paid!

I hope these three ideas open your mind to more possibilities!

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