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Would You Buy Silver Eagle Dollars For $34,500?

OK, so, this headline must make your head spin. The immediate answer should be “Of course not, right?” Well, I was astounded and amazed when I opened this months Money Magazine to find the following advertisement (yes, it is an advertisement) in it advertising the price of certain Silver Eagle Dollars can go for as high as $34,500! Crazy! Now, these are numismatic silver eagle dollars but still, $34,500? Wow, here is the actual advertisement:

Now, I did not alter the ad in any way, shape or form, in fact, they may actually thank me as they might get some business from me posting this to my 50,000+ twitter followers (Hint, send me free coins!)

The reason I personally found this so interesting is I am involved with a company called Numis Network. Our flagship products are MS70 American Silver Eagle Dollars of varying years.

Now, here is an article that ran in a MAJOR Magazine selling 2010 MS70 Silver Eagle Dollars for $149 each and if you buy 10+ you can get them as low as $129 each and with my program in Numis Network, we can get the wholesale price of only $99!

Not only that, with our program you get paid to promote the company and you earn money when you sell coins or sponsor someone who wants to have their own numismatic coin business and get preferred pricing, so, I actually get my coins for free each month!

This article just shows you how red hot numismatic coins are and why our business is perfectly timed. If you want to earn money promoting gold and silver numismatic coins or if you simply want to get a better price on your gold coins or silver eagle dollars, you can check out my website at http://www.CoinsMLM.com

This is the perfect timing in history to be purchasing silver eagle dollars and to potentially make money doing so, is just awesome.

You will see more and more advertisements like this is my prediction as the gold and silver rush will continue.

Now, our company is not a precious metal investment program but one question I love, and this article is pretty cool to see too, is “How much can I sell my coins for in 5 years?” My answer to that is, “Isn’t it cool, we can even have that conversation???

Here is a question we ask folks all the time. “Would you have been better off buying one silver of gold coin each month for the last 5 years?” Well, then, “Will you be better off buying one gold or silver coin each month for the next 5 years, and possibly make money doing so?”

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