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Work for Someone Else or Check-Out Multi Level Marketing Companies

Boy, this economy keeps getting more interesting doesn’t it? I talk to a lot of my friends and people I see at networking functions that have been negatively affected by this economy and I thought I would put together this video of a question I get a lot, Why did I choose to work with Multi Level Marketing Companies?

At the age of 25 I had worked my way up in corporate America to an $80,000 a year salary but it was a job that I hated. I am not saying it was the worst job ever, there are certainly people with worse jobs now than I have ever had to do but I was not passionate about it and I was not moving toward my dreams. I have found that in life you are always either moving toward or away from your dreams, never standing still.

So why did I choose, almost 6 years ago to leave corporate America to work with Multi Level Marketing Companies? Here are some of the quick reasons I choose Multi Level Marketing Companies:

  • No More Demanding Bosses
  • No More Office Politics
  • Time Freedom to attend whatever I wanted to attend, whenever I wanted to
  • Less frequency of shaving

But if you want a more complete list of why I choose to work with Multi Level Marketing Companies vs. corporate America, watch this quick video I put together. In this economy, it is crazy to think you have any level of security working for someone else. Security in this economy is simply based on your ability to adapt.

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