Why You Might Stop Thinking Network Marketing is a Scam

When people start hearing multi level or network marketing, either they raise their eyebrows and move away from you or they start shaking their heads in utter disgust. But these people are jaded by the fact that the system of network marketing is not a scam, but a system that is genuine and builds its trust and relationship by engaging in a similar business venture that binds them together.

Network marketers are people engaged in multi level marketing (mlm) who offer you the chance to invest a reasonably small amount of money on products and services that you can sell over to another person for their consumption. Most products and services are easily consumed in a short period of time. So how can this be a scam when the money you invested gives you a return thru products and services?


Now, the revenue that should come from those products and services is upon your shoulders. If you sell it right, then you get a return of your investments from such mlm opportunity and make this a homebased business. It only becomes a so-called scam for other people because they fail to sell those products and services and generate revenue from it. Thus, there is nothing wrong with the system of mlm network marketing. The problem lies with the people who engage in the business and do not have enough capacity or skill to run the business of sales.

Networking marketing is a business that establishes ties with other people interested in the same line of business. It is not extorting money from another person, as people always think it is.

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