Today we will talk about why mindset is important

in business.

First I’m going to talk about why mindset is the most important factor in your business. Next we will touch on why mindset actually affects your income. Lastly, I’m going to talk about how to stay more consistent. I have found that people that struggle with mindset, also struggle with being consistent.

Why is mindset the most important factor?

Here is what I know. I have seen a lot of people over the years who learn the latest and greatest tactic, script, hashtag or strategy, but they are not consistent with it. They find something wrong with that thing and move to the next thing.

There are a lot of people that are going broke, trying to get rich quick. The thing to understand from that is most people do not get rich quick, they have to be consistent at something. Your mindset is the most important factor. It is not how smart you are. I have met some really amazingly sharp individuals that were broke and did not have a successful business. I have met people that could barely put a few sentences together that were rich. You know what? If you took a look under their cap and looked at their brain, you would find that they actually had a very powerful mindset.

Mindset does not mean intelligence. There are a lot of very educated people that do not make money to prove that point. You have to be a constant guardian of your mindset. I’ll tell you some things that I started doing that really helped me. One, awareness. Just being aware. What is it that I’m thinking and is it something I want to be thinking? I started paying attention to that little voice in my head (you know that one) you’re like “what little voice?” That one right there. Paying attention to what is that little voice in my head is thinking. What is it that I’m expecting? That’s a very powerful question because we always are proving ourselves right. If you expect a situation to go bad, there’s a very good chance that that’s going to happen. Now you combine that expectation.

Neville Goddard says we attract what we are, not what we want. He also says that anytime our wish is in conflict with our emotion, the emotion will always be the victor. How many people do you hear say things like “oh man, I really would love to be a millionaire but someone like me, there’s no way.” Which one’s more emotional? It’s the someone like me, it’s the negativity of “I’m not really that type of person.” You get whatever you focus on. If you are not challenging your mindset and really becoming aware of what you’re thinking. You have to do this on a consistent basis, this is not some fleeting activity.

I know people that will do (I do) affirmations every morning. Okay fair enough, they do affirmations for two minutes in the morning and then the rest of the day they complain about their co-workers, spouse, kids, job, someone didn’t take out the trash, about traffic. What are you spending the majority of your time thinking and focused on? That’s what you’re going to get most of in your life. You’re going to get more and more and more of that thing. 

Specifically pay attention to the emotions, because those emotions are propagated. If you feel joy, if you feel gratitude, you’re going to locate more things to feel joy about, more things to be grateful for…but most people, what do they feel? Anger, injustice, unfairness. They get upset that they don’t have the things that they want in their life. They are going to be constantly attracting new things and noticing new things that they don’t want in their life, that’s how mindset works.

How does mindset affect your income?

It’s an absolute major factor.

Number one, you will never become that what you despise. If you watch mainstream media and listen to certain politicians and watch most (if not almost all) Hollywood movies, you may have this belief that people with a lot of money are evil, greedy, bad, terrible or whatever.

Here are a couple of examples.

I remember I was watching some silly movie about a humongous creature in the ocean and there was this billionaire that was funding the project. I’m watching this movie if you know the name of the movie, drop it in the comments. Dwight Schutte from the office was the villain. Throughout the movie they show him as this “nice” guy who’s investing in research to help oceanic life etc. I’m like wow, this might be one of the very few movies where they don’t paint the really rich guy as being evil, greedy and terrible…right? Then of course the shoe dropped. He was deemed terrible and he did something evil.

One of the movies that fully displays this too is, It’s A Wonderful Life. Who was the terrible person in it’s a wonderful life? Mr. Potter, the banker that lent money to all the people in town to buy homes with oh, well that doesn’t sound terrible but he was terrible. Or in Titanic, ” will we be seated according to class?” 

If you draw the conclusion or if you assume that having a lot of money makes you evil, greedy, selfish and a terrible person. Then congratulations, you will never become someone that has a lot of money. You will never become that which you despise. If you think that becoming rich means ripping off people, earning off the backs of others then it is very unlikely that you have that trait in yourself.

The reality is that making more money allows you to be more of who you are. If you’re a giver, you’re able to do more giving. This past Christmas, my wife and I funded the creation of these little toys for 850 kids in the foster care system in our area. The last batch of toys we brought my kids (my two-year-old and my six-year-old) along to help us deliver them to this foster home. It was amazing, it was incredible. They were so happy. They did not get anything for Christmas unless we got those toys. It’s something that with more money you can do more good. I want you to make a lot of money, but if your mindset says it’s selfish, greedy or evil to do so or I’m not worthy of more money then you’re going to find yourself sabotaging. Not showing up, not being consistent and you’re going to keep that prize away from you because of your mindset.

I want to hear from you!

Before I get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. What’s another Hollywood movie that I’m not thinking of that bashes the rich or paints them in a terrible light. Hunger Games that would be one of them. You have the the elite…in that case they may be terrible that’s very possible. But what’s another Hollywood movie that you have seen that really paints anyone of wealth or anyone that’s wealthy as a terrible person? I would love to see your comments.

How do you stay more consistent?

Consistency is directly associated with your mindset. It is so important if you are wanting to create success in anything, whether it’s dance, piano, business, acting….being consistent is the absolute key. There is a great quote out there by Steve Martin. He says, “be so good, they can’t ignore you.” I love that quote. It’s not that there’s some shortcut, it’s just keep showing up, keep doing your very best and do it so many times and so often that people have to pay attention to you.

Here’s what I found with people that struggle with consistency. The reason you struggle with consistency is not that you’re lazy, it’s not that you don’t really want what you say you want, it’s that you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success based on a past observation you made as a kid. Let me share some examples with you. 

I remember coaching this lady and her career was that she would skyrocket to the top of this company, do really well and then something would go wrong and she would leave. Go up to the top of the next company, do really well, leave. Now that was her pattern. When I see a pattern, I always know that this person is on autopilot. They’re not in conscious control of their automobile, their program is that was created as a kid.

So I asked her, “what was your relationship with your parents?” 

She said, “oh, they were perfect. They were amazing. No trauma, didn’t abuse me, didn’t hit me, didn’t yell at me, they were awesome. They were perfect.

I’m like, okay cool, I knew that there was something else there and so I gave her a little bit of leeway and I said, “you know what? It’s okay if we don’t figure this out on this call.”

And she went really quiet.

I asked, “what’s going on? are you okay?

She said, “oh my god, I just remembered catching my mom cheating on my dad.

Now that’s interesting because just a couple minutes ago she was telling me how perfect they were. What the heck does that have to do with her career decisions? Everything. Absolutely everything. When that happened, her version of her parents which were perfect in every way, awesome, super kind and cool…when that happened, she was one, out of control and two her reality was crashed. She had seen her parents as perfect, she finds mom cheating on dad, it crashes her reality and she had no say in the matter.

What she is doing in her professional life many years later as she’s going up the ring of success, creating success and as soon as she starts to feel good about something, she has to find something wrong so that she’s in control. Because the rug’s about to be pulled out from under her like it was when she was a kid. With a lack of awareness, you’re just going to do this your entire life, you’re going to bounce from career to career to career to career and wonder what the heck is wrong with all these companies. Knowing that you’re the only constant. You’re the only one that was in all those different companies. It’s becoming aware of your patterns, it’s becoming aware of where you sabotage yourself.

Want additional help?

This is something that we coach people on a regular basis and it’s something that we could really help you out with if you need help in this regard. If you need help in this regard of noticing and becoming aware of your programs and your patterns then follow this link  It’s a link to our defiance or our breakthrough coaching. This is where you get to watch me live coaching people through their past programs, digging up what is it that really triggered them as a kid that’s ruling their lives right now and it may be really, really helpful to you.

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