Read this post if you have ever considered if you should even bother with being involved in a Network Marketing program.

I will share our experiences and some things you should consider.

Why I am in a Network Marketing Home Business

We make money outside of our Network Marketing home business.

It’s true.

It wasn’t always that way, in fact, when I was in personal foreclosure I wasn’t sure what the heck I was going to do for money.

When my buddy Chris invited me to check out a new network marketing program back in 2009, I had no idea.

I had no idea how it was going to change my life.

But now that we have built a multi-million dollar coaching and training business, should we even bother with a network marketing program?

My answer?

Yes, definitely. The same need that got me to join a network marketing program back in 2009 is still there and that is to use this residual income program to build income that comes into the household whether we roll over in bed or out of bed. I dig REALLY deep in this article – Large Salary vs. Passive Residual Income

VERY few people have real residual income but in my opinion a network marketing program is THE lowest barrier to entry and lowest requirements to achieve real freedom with a residual income program. No big franchise fees, certifications or licenses and you don’t even need commercial space and you CAN build a humongous residual income with one of the many network marketing companies out there.

This is a pretty cool article on how easy and minimum the requirements are to start your own network marketing home business, and here’s one by Forbes, but, let’s dig deeper…

What Being in a Network Marketing Program has helped us do

There are a LOT of things I could talk about in regards to this. I know without a doubt that our coaching and training business would not be 1/100th of what it is without the success we have had in multi level marketing.

I know there are trainers out there that haven’t achieved a major rank inside a network marketing program that make money but we actually didn’t offer coaching until we were over $50,000 a month INSIDE our network marketing home business. So, we have network marketing to thank for our quite profitable coaching and training business, but, is it all about money?

We wanted to grow into the vision we had for our lives. We wanted to travel the world, hang out with cool people and even reward my kids and both of our parents. Let me give you just one example…

This Weekend at the Masters

network marketing home business

This is my wife and her Dad. For his 74th birthday we got him VIP tickets to go and see the Masters, something he has always wanted to do.

This guy has traveled all over the world and has done very well in life but had never made it to the Masters. But he didn’t just go to the Masters…

We got him access to the hospitality suite that had an Iron Chef winning Rathburn cooking up all the food and it was open bar, free masages and several celebrities were strolling in and out of the suite.

They also got to watch Tiger hit practice balls and this is now one of his favorite experiences in his entire life.

Last year we took buddies on an Alaskan cruise, we also took both of our Mom’s to Vegas for the first time. IF I was just working in corporate America I have to question if I could have done all these things. Last year we were on a different vacation EACH MONTH.

The Truth

Maybe this post sounds like hype to go out there and join a network marketing program. Well, maybe. But let me tell you the truth…

Most people don’t have what it takes to create serious success inside a network marketing home business. Just like most people don’t have what it takes to create success in other areas of their life.

But, if you are a go-getter, the rewards inside multi level marketing are greater than any job in my opinion. When is the last time a job paid you AFTER you stopped working there on previous work that you produced? Would that be never?

IF you are inside Network Marketing and you just aren’t seeing the kind of results you hoped for, it is a VERY good chance that it is because you need help with your vision.

The reason I am so consistent is because my vision dictates it. One of my most quoted guys is Michael Beckwith as he says “Pain Pushes you until a Vision pulls you”. Click to Tweet this Epic Quote

IF you want help with creating a vision for you, your life and your business, you may want to check out our brand new chance to get my full-blown training from Top Earner Success School on Vision. People pay over $500 for this training but we have segmented the session on Vision out for you for a limited time. You can check out what I mean here and for only $7, I can ASSURE YOU that you are going to get more than your money’s worth =)

I hope this helps you to understand the power of a network marketing program and wherever you are in your life, know that creating residual income is a MUST if you ever want freedom in your life.

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