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Passive Residual Income vs. High Salary or Fast Money


This weekend I was chatting with a buddy that makes a LOT of money and he brought up passive residual income.

I think you will benefit from our chat if you are attempting to recruit high paid individuals into your opportunity OR you are struggling with the idea of working so hard for a small passive residual income.

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The Truth About Passive Residual Income

IF you have a lot of talent, there is a good chance you don’t have ANY passive residual income. Why would I say that and how could I possibly know that? Because, people with talent can typically figure out ways to make money. People with talent can go sell something or work their way up a corporate ladder and earn a big salary.

On the flip-side, IF you have any vision for your life and the lifestyle you hope to have when you are older, you are probably working on building a passive residual income and if you are not, you most certainly should understand why you should.

People with vision see more than just the here and now. IF you ever want to create real freedom, you might want to consider the benefits of building a passive residual income.

Warning About This Video

In the below video I share how much money my wife and I earned last year. It is NOT me bragging but me sharing with you an exact example of someone who has mastered making money but how hard we continue to work to build our actual passive residual income. The truth is there is NOTHING passive about blogging, making videos, creating products or doing product launches. That is all quite non-passive. Yes, we have had 90 minute webinars that made us over $300,000 and we’ve had half million dollar weekend events but neither are passive and in today’s video I share with you two very powerful concepts. 1. How to talk to people about passive residual income that are already making a lot of money and 2. Why people making money should still build their residuals.

Video on Those that Make Money and Residual Income

I am willing to bet you have never heard it put that way. Was that helpful? If you got benefit feel free to share with teammates. Comment below if this helped you understand passive residual income better.

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