Who should you approach about your newest MLM? It would be easy to say, EVERYONE, however, that is probably not the case. I look for positive, like minded individuals that I actually want to work with. You most certainly want to tell your friends and family members about what you are doing but again, do not chase, beg or bug them, just let them know what you are doing so they know. If you are in a fast growing network marketing company, there will be instances where your friends and family members join AFTER you have joined as they did not know you were in it already. I have personally had this happen to me many times so DO NOT make this mistake!

So, how to approach people about your opportunity? As I talked about yesterday, do not overload them with information or your excitement about your newest MLM. It should almost be like fishing. Throw some bait out there and see if they bite. Ask them how they are doing and when they ask you how you are doing you might say something like: “I’m doing great, I’m working on this new project that is really amazing, oh, by the way, how are your kids?” Dropping a line like that might illicit them asking you for more information. Be prepared to answer them with another brief sentence or two about your opportunity. You do NOT want to appear like you are pushing it, but, as they become more intrigued you can share a little more but be very careful not to go in for the kill too quickly. If you want a really, really good book on networking, I highly recommend Bob Burg’s Endless Referrals, which, Amazon has on sale here – https://www.amazon.com/dp/0071462074/?tag=offer7777-20

Ray Higdon