Today we are going to discuss where to find network marketing prospects.

First I want to help you with how to think about prospecting before we go and locate anyone. Next we are going to dive into where to actually find more prospects. Finally we are going to talk about what to actually say to them to help you close more sales.

How to think about prospecting.

How should you think about prospecting? Teaching this for 10 years, I’ve learned that I have to talk about mindset before I give you what you want. “I’m here to find prospects, Higdon, just get to the point…” but if you do not think properly about prospecting, you are not going to make it. You are not going to last, you are going to fizzle out. When it comes to prospecting, there’s a few things that you need to embrace.

Number one, no matter what you do, not everyone that you ever prospect and bring into your team is going to create success. There’s nothing you can do. I have met terrible horrible uplines that had some people crushing it and a lot of people not. I have met amazing uplines that had some people crushing it and some people not. There is nothing you can do to 100% guarantee the success. A lot of people mistake being a sponsor in network marketing as being a parent. Is it important for all of our kids to have success in some way, shape or form? Yes, but you can not dictate that for them.  You can not dictate that with your own kids and you definitely can not dictate that in a network marketing team. You can not dictate that because people are going to come in with different levels of desire and different work ethics.

You have to understand that no matter what you do, there are going to be people that come in and do not do any work. Just like the personal trainer, right? I have had personal trainers before and I could not pay them to do my sit-ups, I had to do the sit-ups. If I didn’t do the sit-ups, is it a reflection of a terrible trainer? No. I did not do the work. You are going to have people that despite your very best efforts, will not do the work.

Every prospect that you talk to, think “I’m just going to see if they are open.” If they are open, great. We will move forward and if they are not, that’s fine too. If they are open and they decide to join, fantastic. I’m going to do my very best to help them but I know I can not guarantee their success.

I’m going to share that with you on how to better think about prospecting. First, I have a quick story. I remember being at an event this really good speaker, he was a great speaker but he just (in this example) did something harmful.

He gets up on stage and he says, “I recruited the first 60 people I talked to and this is what I said…”

Everyone’s thinking “omg, whoa!”

Everyone’s frantically getting carpal tunnel and popping Advil, right? People are going nuts because there thinking, “omg, we are about to hear the most amazing script of all time, we have to pay attention to this…”

Here’s the reality. Someone who recruits 60 out of 60, it’s because they had influence and charisma. They were liked by those people, that’s not normal. All those people that broke their wrists writing down the script, most likely they quit the business, because they probably went to three or four people and got “no’s” using his script (that works if you have influence over someone) and fell out of the business. Just understand that what may work for an influencer may not work for you, so we have to make it even simpler.

Where do you find prospects?

First of all there’s always two ways of finding prospects. There’s marketing, which is you doing something you hope someone reacts or responds to and then there’s prospecting, you reaching out to people.

Marketing wise, I would highly suggest that you do more short videos, Instagram reels, TikTok’s and Facebook reels. By the way, you just do one video and put it on all three platforms. You do not have to make them different for each one. You may make little tweaks, but I do one and it goes on on all three. Marketing wise that has the best chance of getting in front of people that do not know you and getting more leads generated.

On the prospecting side, there’s a lot of different things that you can do. One of the more popular methods is just to look at you the type of person you are wanting to attract to you. Is there a certain type of occupation or a certain type of psychographic? Is it parents? Is it realtors? I heard a statement a long time ago it says, “think like the fish, not the fisherman.” So think who are you trying to attract to you, who are you trying to connect and work with, more than thinking of what kind of tools or whatever. Get in their head? Where do they hang out? Where do they go? What forums do they participate in? What groups are they in? What pages do they comment on? What Twitter’s do they follow? Really think about the type of person that you are trying to help.

In the absence of a perfect avatar target market, I have a really simple one for you, help the person you used to be. If you are someone that used to be in real estate and you no longer do that, then you could be talking to real estate people. You know the deal, you know the buzzwords and the jargon, you could be helping that person. Help the person you used to be, maybe you overcame having a strong-willed child and you learn how to be a better parent. That will help all those other parents that are struggling.

“Help the person you used to be,” is is actually one of my mantras. That’s something that I think about every time I step on a stage or I shoot a video, how can I help that person I used to be. I used to be very confused and not know what to do. I used to sabotage myself, have low self-worth and was broke. I think about the person with no influence, broke, struggling and if I can help that person, anyone else that consumes my content, it will help them too.

Where to find prospects? One very tactical way is the people that you would like to have in your organization, who might they follow? Do they follow Tony Robins, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Brene Brown, Mel Robbins, Grant Cardone… who might they follow? Go on those pages and look for smart comments. Look for intelligent comments. I would not look for haters or trolls because they are just going to troll you. Wherever you go, there you are and that’s true of the haters, right? Wherever they go they are going to hate on something. Locate smart comments, intelligent comments and reach out to them.

Give them a compliment. “Hey, I really liked your comment on the Grant Cardone live. I agree with you, I thought that was really smart of you to say that…” You can either start building a relationship that way or you can get right to the point. “Hey, I really liked your comment on the Grant Cardone thing. Listen, I know we don’t know each other but I actually help (especially if they are a realtor or someone you’re wanting to work with…) just like you make extra money on social media. Is that something you would be open to taking a look at and if not, no big deal.” You gave them a compliment, you told them that you know that you do not know each other and this is what I do would you be open to take a look at it and if not, no big deal.

It’s not spammy, it’s not aggressive, it’s not terrible. That is one way to find an unlimited number of prospects. One thing that I would do if you do this approach is I would just go and click on their page learn a little bit about them before you send that message because if they have a location or an occupation that you have interest in then I would definitely mention that in the actual message. This is an approach that so many of our students have done with great success after struggling with warm market or struggling with other types of marketing.

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What do I say to prospects?

I have shared a little bit so far on what to say to prospects, but let’s dive a little bit deeper. I think the most important thing for you to understand is do not assume. Do not assume that they are interested, do not assume that they think it’s awesome too. Assume nothing and just see if they are open. “Would you be open to taking a look at what it is that I’m doing to make extra money, to lose some weight, to have more energy, to sleep better at night.” This is one of those cool one-two punches of, if you are trying to find more prospects, just imagine this….

Imagine that you have a product that helps with sleep. Maybe you do a Facebook reel that you upload to TikTok and Instagram reels. Scene one is you wake up and you’re agitated and you’re not happy and you push over the alarm clock. This is before…and then after… The second scene is you wake up and birds are chirping and you’re so peaceful and grateful to be alive and your hair’s perfect and you have nicer clothes on or something, right? After, “ask me how.” People are going to ask “how?” “What are you doing?” “How did you get better sleep?”

One thing that you can do (because they are reaching out to you) is say this….”happy to help. Tell me about your journey, have you tried a lot of things for sleeping or how long have you been struggling with sleeping?Do you know how few people listen on social media? You really stand out by saying “hey, tell me about your journey.” That shows that you actually care and when they share with you their journey, I assure you the percentage of you making a sale definitely skyrockets. Before you think that’s evil or how dare you care about someone only to sell them something, well won’t your product help them? I hope you believe in your product.

If you have a product that helps people then you need to learn psychology, you need to learn to be better at asking the right questions, finding people and what to say to prospects. Ask them, tell me about your weight loss journey, tell me about your sleep journey…what have you tried so far?” Then you can respond with, “you know what? I tried a lot of those same things and this thing that I tried really helped me. I’m happy to send you more information if you would like..

Keep it simple. Understand there’s prospecting and there’s marketing. Don’t assume their position, listen to them and then tell them why it made a difference for you.

Would you like additional help? 

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