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What Will be Covered in my No Excuses Summit Presentation

It is the week of the No Excuses Summit and I am pumped! To share the stage with so many powerful marketers in such a cool venue (check out the No Excuses Summit Venue here) is an honor and it’s going to be a lot of fun. I am going to cover some cool stuff as the very first opening speaker on Friday night and I have a ton of goodies and freebies to give out at my breakout session as well.

Details of My No Excuses Summit Presentation

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I start off Friday afternoon at 4:15pm as the opening speaker. I will be speaking for 50 minutes on how I have used online and offline tactics to become the #1 income earner in my company and how I get close to 50,000 hits per month to my blog, at no cost. There are a lot of simple, simple tricks you and your team could be doing online and offline that could literally triple your business in 90 days and I am going to teach you not WHAT to do but exactly HOW to do it! There are a few tactics that I am going to share from stage that I literally have never shared before and you do NOT want to miss it.

No Excuses Summit Breakout Rooms, How They Work

A few people have asked how the breakout rooms work at the No Excuses Summit so let me share that with you. At the end of each training day the speakers that spoke will hold a breakout session. In this breakout session you have the chance to be in a more intimate environment where you can ask your questions and communicate closer with the speaker. If a speaker is speaking on Friday then their breakout room would be held at 9pm on Friday night and so on if they spoke on Saturday.

In my breakout session we are going to be having some fun and diving into some nitty gritty marketing. I am going to peel back my stats on my blog and share with you how I actually get traffic and how you can too. Knowing that I do not do ANY paid advertising, you may find this to be very useful for your long term traffic and sales goals. My breakout room is in room 4. I will also be giving out a CD packed with marketing tactics that work. This is a CD I have never given out before and probably never will again. So if you are attending the No Excuses Summit, be sure to be at my breakout room number 4 at 9:00pm sharp.

Urgent News for those wanting to watch from home!

Literally while I was typing away at this blog post, I just got an email from Ray and Ferny that they are going to open this up for a few hundred people to watch from their home! Apparently there are a lot of people that simply could not make it but really want to get the training. On Tuesday at 9pm EST, 6pm PST, they are going to sell off streaming access to watch the No Excuses Summit from home. That is very good news if you were upset about missing the biggest marketing event of all time. You can get on the waiting list, that will be opened up on Tuesday by entering your information on this page – Click Here to get on the waiting list

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