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What to do When
You Are Stuck in a Rut

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? This is dangerous thinking. This post will help you if you feel like you are in a rut and move forward toward your dream lifestyle and goals.

Ever say “I am in a rut”?

The cells in my body screamed at me by just writing that. This is one of the most destructive phrases you can ever mutter because as you mutter them, you call into existence more experiences to prove to you that you are stuck in a rut. Let me be very clear, this statement does NOT serve you and you should never utter it!

Well Ray, are you saying to lie and tell everyone that everything is peachy keen? Well, I am suggesting to you that saying statements like this have not nor ever will serve you and it is energy you are not only wasting but actually charging to cause destruction, mayhem and missed goals in your life.

Stuck in a Rut and Other Useless Sayings

Be very aware of the most powerful two words in our language, “I am”. I am can either crush you or lift you high. Never use the words “I am” with any of the following:

– stuck in a rut
– going through some tough times
– upset
– depressed
– anything but positive

You decide where you go from here. There is no “out there” causing you to be stuck in a rut, it is your mind and words that is expressing and attracting more circumstances to prove you are right in your diagnosis.

Get Out of Your Imaginary Rut and into Life

Take control of your thoughts through these two words, love and gratitude. If you are saying to the universe and world around you that you are in a rut, you are simply NOT PRESENT. You are missing the beautiful trees around you, the other people you are connected to that are having success, the mother loving their child or the wonderful sunset you are not paying attention to.

Love and Gratitude. Start replacing your negative statements and thoughts with “I love” or “I am so thankful” statements. Here are some helpful suggestions:

– Want to recruit more reps in your business? Say statements in your head and out loud such as “I love making money”, “I love helping people”, “I am so thankful/grateful I have such an amazing team”

– Want more production out of your team? Say statements like “I love your reps name and happy for their success”, “I love my team”, “My team is awesome” If you simply see what is current and your team is NOT duplicating, you are not a leader or a visionary, you can change that, with your thoughts and statements.

– Want that six pack or increased health? Say statements like “I love my body”, “Thank you for my healing” etc.

Now, notice I did not say meditate around on a bean bag all day and simply say these statements, no, do the things you know you should be doing for your life, health and business but, since you are going to think anyway, since you are going to talk to friends and family anyway, do those actions but also change your vibration by keeping your body and mind filled with love and gratitude rather than skepticism and stuck in a rut conjuring statements.

As I create module 2 of my 6 part series called the Power Mind, I am reminded that the thoughts you play over and over in your mind create ruts themselves, like on a record that has been played. Dig deep grooves of ruts that SERVE YOU instead of stop you.

To your abundance

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