What they won’t tell you about a Binary {Numis Network} coded bonus explained

Hey everyone out there in internet land, today I am breaking down a typical binary in network marketing and the coded bonus of my primary network marketing company I am involved in called Numis Network. Numis Network is a gold and silver MLM unlike any other. They are the first gold and silver MLM and are a binary. Now, most binary companies are setup in a way that I like to compare to a casino meaning you have to jump through flaming hoops and huge odds to make the big money, Numis Network is not setup that way. Numis Network uses a coded bonus that is powerful even if your people are on your bigger leg.

My first network marketing company was a juice company that did stack all the odds against you with pay and this is why I can appreciate the difference. If you have never been in a binary compensation plan, well, get ready as they are THE most explosive and create huge momentum, however, most binaries restrict your pay solely based on what happens in your pay leg, or your weaker leg. So in this video I break down the difference between Numis Network and their binary combined with just one of their other bonuses called the coded bonus compared to a normal binary. I can tell you this…in my first network marketing company I personally enrolled 99 people that has grown to almost 11,000, when I do the same in Numis Network, I will make more than 3-4 times as much money as I did in that first company, AND, with actually spending less money on inventory. Now that is a plan I can be happy about!

Here is the video breaking down Numis Network coded Bonus, hope you enjoy!

Ray Higdon
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