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What They Won’t Let You See In BP Oil Spill News

First of all, I am not an environmentalist. Not that I don’t care about the environment, I do, but, this blog post is very different from what I normally write on. I normally write about self-empowerment and home based business, however, when I saw this video, I could not ignore it.

This is crazy, it is a video from a local to Louisiana and really talks about what you will NOT see in the Oil Spill news. This is not good guys. When I was young I spent a lot of time in a place called Pine Island, Florida and hung around a lot of people that made their living from the fishing industry so I can tell where she is coming from and I think more people need to be aware of what is really going on and spread the news.

Again, I am not an environmentalist, I am quite conservative but, this is a big deal and something really needs to be done. If you agree that more people need to be made aware of this, please share by hitting the facebook button and sharing or by re-tweeting this. I know if my kid was going through what this woman’s kid is going through, I would want more people to know about it.

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