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What I Learned from Chris Brogan at #icon12


Today is the final day for InfusionCon 2012 in Phoenix and I wanted to share what I learned from Chris Brogan at this event yesterday. He had some really good insight into social media and google+ which I will share below.

Who is Chris Brogan?

Chris Brogan is a speaker, best-selling author and has a monthly column in Entrepreneur magazine. This guy is a master of online relationship building and communication in Social Media and a pretty funny guy on stage. After watching his presentation I now have to go and figure out what dubstep is…I still have no idea. By the way, in case you missed it, you might check out my blog on Gary Vaynerchuk that I did from infusioncon yesterday, a lot of people really dug it.

What I learned from Chris

He suggested two books which I have since downloaded to my iPad: How to get rich by Felix Dennis and Millionaire Maker by Loral Langemeir. I always love to hear what successful people suggest when it comes to books as it saves me time from reading crappy ones =)

Chris talked a little bit about what in your business should be automated and what should not. He brought up a great point in that if you are someone or a company using a [email protected], then, you just don’t get customer service. All of your email communication to your customers and list should be from a PERSON that WANTS to be interacted with. The humanizing of what we have learned with the digital world is critical if you want to stand out.

Chris Brogan and Google+

Chris said a lot of people are nay-saying Google+ but what you have to understand is Google controls the two largest search engines online, Google and Youtube and they are going to put major emphasis on search results and tying those results to who is in your circles. For example, if you put Alan Mulally (CEO of Ford) in your circles and then search for the word “car”, Ford will be your number one results…hmm, that sure makes ya think right? By the way, you can add me to your circles (hint, hint) by going here – Ray Higdon on Google+

Some Quick Marketing Tips from Chris Brogan

1. Stop using QR Codes on Social Media or a website…they are already online!
2. Over 70% of people that do use QR codes send the person to a non mobile friendly website..that makes no sense.
3. Be sure to check your website for how mobile friendly it is as over 60% of traffic is now coming from mobile devices.
4. Be aware of what you are showing to your visitors when they come to your site. What do you want them to do? He suggested removing the social media icons in the sidebar as that is not really what you want them to do, why offer them such an easy way to leave your site? (have never heard that, pretty cool)
5. If you are not sure what type of videos to make, do Frequently asked questions videos about your product or affiliate products.
6. Always concentrate on how to make your buyer the hero, make them happy!


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