Today you’re going to discover the only two ways to generate leads.

First I’m going to specifically cover what I mean by lead generation, because I want to make sure you understand what I mean. Then I’m going to share what’s working right now on social media to generate a lot of leads. Finally, I’m going to share the two ways to generate leads and what you should be doing each and every day.

What do I mean by lead generation? I mean getting people to raise their hand, getting people to take an action that moves them closer to the sales process with you, whatever that looks like.

Whether you’re selling consulting or you’re selling a particular product or a service or whatever.

Lead generation is the art of getting more people raising their hand, reaching out to you, connecting with you in whatever way to move them closer to becoming a customer of yours. This should be a big focus with your business.

How am I generating more leads? Now, this doesn’t mean that every lead has to purchase something or even will purchase something. It means that you’re actively thinking about how to corral more people that would have an interest in your product, service, opportunity or whatever it is that you offer.

Lead generation can come from online, social media or it can be offline. I coached a guy that had a billboard and the whole focus was to get them to call a phone number. He wanted to generate as many leads to that phone number and put the emphasis on his sales team that answered the phone. They would have to try to upsell and sell them things, right? So, he was generating leads through a billboard.

Most people aren’t going to use a billboard, they’re probably going to use social media. In the next step, we’re going to share the best way that’s working on social media right now.

All right, what is working right now on social media for lead generation?

Well, I’ll tell you a quick story.

I had one of my former clients come to me and say “hey man, you need to learn TikTok” and I’m thinking… TikTok is a bunch of young people and it’s kind of weird. But he’s like “no, no…you need to learn it.” Then he tells me that he had some people in his sales organization that had struggled to make any kind of sales on Facebook for years. They went over there and they’re making thousands of dollars. 

Oh, now that’s interesting. As a trainer, if I hear of a way for the average ordinary person to make more money….I have to pay attention, that’s my job.

My job is to help the average, ordinary person make more money, improve their relationships and improve their finances. I had to pay attention so I go over there and I launch a TikTok channel.

I start this channel and start doing what I do. I start giving business tips and one day this guy, Lennie Phoenix, I remember him. He commented and says “dude, you’re giving all these business tips but you don’t even get that many views. Anyway, no hate. Merry Christmas.”

Oh, thanks Lennie. I decide to do a video reply (I’m not doing a clap back, I’m not getting obnoxious or anything) but I just make the point, “hey, you know what? You’re right. You know I’ve made tens of millions of dollars on some of the other platforms. I am new here, you’re right, I don’t have a big following over here just yet but why is it that that’s the only people we can learn from? You know the person that’s trying to get to a certain weight if they lose 10 pounds, isn’t that valuable to the person trying to lose 10 pounds? Why do they have to be a guru? Why do they have to be perfect for us to listen to them.”

I made that point, posted the video to reply to him and walked away. I’m chasing my kids (It was a Saturday) and I come back to look and it has 20,000 views! I thought I was doing something wrong, because I only had 300 followers.

Now in the history of Facebook and we have a fan page of over 300,000 fans, I have never, not one time had a video even come close to the number of views I have in fans ever… (and we drop a lot of money in ads).

I thought I made a mistake so I closed the app, I opened it back up, it’s got 22,000 views then it’s got 30,000. I’m like what is going on? That’s when it hit me, that this was just a different algorithm.

The way that TikTok works (Facebook and Instagram reels are copying pieces of it) is they take your content and they just show it to people they think will like the content. Not who knows you because if you’ve ever scrolled TikTok, you don’t say “do I know this person?” “All right I’ll invest the time to watch it.” “Okay, go ahead, Joe.” No, you’re like I don’t know this person boop. Ah, that was great, that was awesome, it’s because of TikTok’s algorithm.

When I learned that I’m like oh my god. I didn’t pay for advertising, it was easy to do, it wasn’t a professional video at all.

I didn’t have great lighting but it got over 50,000 views, I believe now over 60,000 views. I now have videos over there that I think my best one is like almost 300,000 views and so this is the way for you to get in front of more people that don’t know you already.

Short videos is the number one thing that’s working right now to get you in front of people that don’t know you so you can get them to reach out to you, connect with you and you connect with them about your product or service.


All right so what are the two ways to generate leads?

It’s very simple.

Number one, marketing.

We’ve talked about that you do something you hope someone reacts to, right, could be a podcast, could be a Facebook live, could be a TikTok, could be a billboard, right? All kinds of different examples.

The second is prospecting.

You reaching out to someone. That could be you reaching out to someone you know or don’t know.

For example my wife at the age of 21, built a 10,000 a month income by reaching out to strangers on Facebook. She was in a network marketing company and she reached out to strangers because none of her friends would have anything to do with it. They wanted to party. They went to college, did shots at night and didn’t want to build a business.

My wife wanted to build a business. She first hit 10,000 a month at 21, and then went on to become the number one female earner of that company. She did all of this just by reaching out to strangers on Facebook (real estate brokers, insurance people, all kinds of stuff.) That was prospecting. None of them reached out to her from her marketing, that was a hundred percent her reaching out to them, she didn’t know them, they didn’t know her. Pretty powerful, right?

Prospecting, you reaching out to someone whether you know them or not. Don’t forget that.

I think a lot of people they hear this beautiful mystery called marketing and they say “oh, I’m just gonna post stuff and people will reach out to me!” It’ll be awesome. Yes, that is awesome. It is fantastic but if you don’t have that happening, you still need to make money. You still need to grow your business, so feel free to reach out to people. That is a major thing that I did.

Marketing, we’ve talked a little bit about it but let me help you with the transition.

When I first got serious about building a business on social media, there were two main things that I did.

First, I read a book called Go for No and went for 20 no’s a day. I had to hear a no from 20 different people every single day. I accomplished that by reaching out to people that I knew, people that I didn’t know and by following up with people that had reached out to me. In the beginning, no one was reaching out to me. I was four months in and no one had reached out to me.

I was doing a video everyday, this was the e second thing that I did. Every day, I did a video and went for 20 no’s.  At some point that changed. I remember my first 10 lead day..“I’m like “whoa, this is amazing.” I kept going and about maybe a year, year and a half into it, I was generating over 3,000 leads a month without ads.

How do you generate leads? 

There are two ways for you to generate leads.

It depends on where you’re at….If you’re influential, then you can probably accomplish this all through marketing. You can just post something, “hey I’m doing this thing. Who all’s interested? Let me know.”  Really simple.

If you don’t have influence, if you don’t have a following, you’re going to have to lean more on prospecting while you build influence and a following. 

Understanding those two and what to do each day is very powerful for you.

I want to help you with generating more leads and sales. I have a free resource that you’re absolutely going to love. It’s our five day prospecting power up and you can register for free. This five-day prospecting power-up will show you, where to find people to talk to, what to say to them and how to follow up with them.

Here is the link… 

Make sure you click it, I know it’s going to help you out.

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