weightloss-squareWith it being the holidays I thought I would share some helpful tips around my weight loss journey.

IF you have struggled with weight, this might help you.

The Truth…

When it comes to different areas of my life there are certain ones that I feel like I have mastered or are on my way to mastering..

– I have an amazing relationship with my wife and kids

– I got over my fear of public speaking to become an in-demand speaker

– Two time best selling author

– Have a multiple million dollar a year coaching and training business (and well over a million dollar IN PROFIT per year)

But when it comes to weight loss, I have struggled. At one point I had ballooned up to 255 pounds and it wasn’t pretty. I was able to lose 50 pounds about ten years ago and have never gone back to that weight but have flirted with 230 pounds multiple times.

Today I wanted to share some of the things I am doing to help lose some weight and keep some of the weight off.

What’s Behind This?

Fully understanding the profession that I am in, NO, this is not a blog to announce I just jumped into the hottest weight loss MLM on the planet and you can get a premiere gold star position if you act now! Although I do use some MLM products around weight loss, I am NOT building a weight loss MLM. I also don’t have any info products around losing weight available. This is just me sharing some tips and equipment that I am using.

  1. Drink A LOT of water. A very educated friend once shared that for every pound of body fat you have, you have MILES of nerves and other supporting tissue that you body has to supply and this can make it VERY easy to be dehydrated even when you don’t feel thirsty. IF you don’t drink enough water, you will NOT lose weight. A very critical time is in the morning when you haven’t drank anything for 5-8 hours. Drink 60 ounces upon waking (it isn’t easy, give it a try)
  2. Eat more GREEN veggies. You may recall that I shared my green veggie smoothie recipe when I talked about my morning routine, this is a great start. The powerful thing about green veggies is the more you have of them the less you crave sugar (my downfall).
  3. IF you are overweight, don’t overdo the workout. This is where I will get some negative feedback but it is true for me. When you are overweight you are actually undernourished and your body has to prioritize where to drive the nutrients. Here’s a question to see if this is true for you, have you ever gotten fired up and started working out like crazy only to injure your back, knees, shoulder, etc? I know I have, many, many times. The reason is that you simply don’t have enough nutrients in your body and you need to drop some pounds BEFORE you go beast mode in the gym. You get lean from your DIET not from weights. You can certainly get more definition or bulk from weights but working out hard and then eating cheesecake will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever cause you to lose weight.
  4. Track and monitor. This is what has kept me from ballooning back to my preview pudgy self. Every morning weigh yourself wearing the same thing and keep track of it, this will force you to behave differently before it gets out of hand and also reward you for when you have been behaving =). I use a Fitbit Aria that ties in with my online profile to set goals and it lets me know how close I am to my goal, it is awesome.
  5. Track your exercise. I am IN LOVE with my Fitbit charge. Here’s a screenshot. It FORCES me to do more as I want to constantly hit my goals, this little thing makes a big difference over time.Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 8.18.52 AM



These are all simple tips that you can implement. I don’t normally talk about this type of topic on this blog, comment below if you appreciated this tips but please DO NOT post your company link and be a spammer =) Share this with anyone you feel might benefit!

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