Happy New Year!

Some of you have requested that I let you know when there is an opportunity on the Web that looks interesting for your own personal “bailout” or Plan B to assure your future in the wake of all the economic turmoil.

I received information about an interesting website about a pre-launch that looks interesting. It is free during this pre-launch (2 more days) and it revolves around internet marketing. The website is http://promo1.webprosperity.com

Again, it is free during the pre-launch and you don’t have to give your social security number or anything else yet. Internet MLM marketing is very different from the “old style.”

If not interested, please understand that it is OK! In addition to the MLM aspect, you may find the subject matter interesting. You never know, regardless of the product or people backing it, which ones will succeed. But when they are free I figure what the heck.

I assume with it being free, at least some people I know would sign up and I believe fall under you guys. Again, if M L M is not your thing, totally cool, no worries!

Have a Blessed Day,

Ray Higdon