What is the BEST Way to Prospect Your Warm Market?

Here I share the MOST Effective Ways to reach out to your Warm Market even if they are totally sick of you trying to recruit them.

Highly Effective Ways To Prospect Your Warm Market

First Off, There is No Secret Script To Get 100%

Well, I’ll tell you a training I went to that was very detrimental. I went to this training and a guy, big time trainer, very well respected in the company, got up there and he said, “I recruited the first 60 people I talked to, 100% I was 60 for 60.” This exactly what he said.

You see the audience like, “Whoa!”

They’re writing down word for word of his magical incantation, his persuasive script.. When it’s nonsense!

Someone that recruits 60 for 60 had massive rapport and influence with their warm market before they ever joined, so they could have said anything.

They could have said, “Hey, I’m doing this new thing, you want to do it?”

Is that a super persuasive script? No.

Just like my man, Eric Worre says: [clickToTweet tweet=”‘You’re either Punished or Rewarded for the Life you Led Before You Joined Network Marketing.’ -Worre” quote=”‘You’re either Punished or Rewarded for the Life you Led Before You Joined Network Marketing.’ -Worre”]

If someone is telling you that this is what they said to recruit an extremely high number, high percentage wise, of people in their warm market, just know they may not be like you. They may not have the same scenario.

They just had a ton of respect, rapport, support and love, admiration, from their warm market. Their warm market said, “Holy cow! This person’s amazing. I want to join them in anything that they do.”


Differentiation means approaching your warm market in the manner of which they see you. You have to be real with yourself. And ask yourself, how does your warm market perceive you?

Do they see you as the hustler (in a good way) or the professional?

Do they see you as someone that they look up to?

What do they think of YOU when they think of business or success or someone that’s just awesome?

How many times have you gone to the well and pitched them something?

If you haven’t asked them a bunch of times to join your different deals or opportunities and they see you and respect you and look up to you, see you as someone of good integrity and character, guess what? Just about anything you say will get them to join.


I remember I got a call, I won’t say names, but I had a guy in my team who worked in commercial real estate. He was a very influential guy, very well known, total professional, had never done network marketing. He’s just killing it. I don’t know what he’s saying, but he’s just bringing in judges and attorneys and real estate developers and professionals. He’s bringing all these people, no problem.

He calls me one day and he says, “Ray, man. God! I guess something … It’s kind of strange. I’ve got something weird to ask you, man. You know, I don’t know, man, but I’ve got a question.”

I’m like, “Okay, man. What is it? What’s going on?”

He said, “You know, when I’m talking to people about network marketing, you know, sometimes it almost feels like some of them have a negative perception about it.”

I’m like, “Oh man, you’re so cute.” He doesn’t even know that there’s people out there that could possibly think negatively about this profession.

I always liked recruiting people that had never been in network marketing before, that hadn’t had the experience, that didn’t have network marketing mind that thought everyone hated it. That would be my fastest recruiters typically.

What To Do If Your Warm Market Is Sick Of You:

If you’re someone like me who has done every type of network marketing company on the planet, and I went to the well every 11 days. Every 11 days I’m at my warm market with a new thing. Failed in 11 different companies before I was a number one income earner in that 12th.

If you’re like that, here’s some tips for you to in this video down below.

What did you think of that? Powerful? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Feel free to share with your teammates.

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