mlm tipsToday you will hear from two rockstars with their MLM tips to build a local team.

It can be a lot of fun building locally and these MLM tips can help!

These Two Rockstars…

The two trainers in this video co-wrote a book together that I highly suggest you get. They wrote the Networking Revolution and in my opinion it is the very best book to hand to someone who may be skeptical about the network marketing profession. It is slanted toward females but I read it and thought it was awesome. Click here to Learn More

MLM Tips on Building Locally

  1. Narrowing your search on social media to just those around you can be very powerful. Jess shares some of this in the below video and then has a full training on this exact topic here.
  2. Go to the fan pages or local restaurants, etc and see who is connected to them and connect with them.
  3. When you reach out be sure to tell them you are in the same city.
  4. You can just work on your connections (that maybe you invite to coffee or a home meeting later) or you can prospect them on social media.

More information in the below video. April O’Leary is a friend of ours and is the co-author and of course many of you know my amazing wife Jessica =)

Was that helpful? Did you know if you build a local team you can attract the top leaders in your company to YOUR cool would that be? Feel free to share this if you got value.

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