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Raise the Bar… Network Marketing Success Tips for the Masses

Network Marketing Success TipsIt is time to let you in on a a major goal of mine I have had for two years and let’s see if you wanna work together to make this happen. For too long the network marketing industry has had a black eye as being somehow lower class or not as cool as other options of making money from home, even though it has the lowest overhead, highest residual model one could possibly ever put together. In this blog I am sharing how we can all help raise the conversation of the Network Marketing industry.

People Are Not Turned Off by Network Marketing

Here is a reality that I have found to be true, and if you agree, share this blog..people are NOT turned off by network marketing, they are turned off by network marketers.

Specifically, here are some of the behaviors that have been turning off non-network marketers that I wish, through education, to stop:

1. Tricking people to attend opportunity meetings (Hey, come over for dinner, then breaking out a whiteboard to your unsuspecting guests)

2. Lame, weak emails touting all the reasons they should join their new opportunity

3. Badmouthing (in whatever clever way) their past company, usually in the form of saying how “their team wasn’t making money”. Let me be very clear, if no one in your team was not making money, you were not a good leader.

4. Doing more pitching than building relationships. Would anyone do this in ANY other sales model?

5. What other activities are annoying that we need to work on eliminating in our industry? Comment below and let me and everyone else know what has annoyed you!

Why Are Most Network Marketers Annoying?

I believe there are two main reasons:

1. Network marketing has such a low barrier to entry. Anytime the masses can get involved in something, you are going to have a percentage of people that got in looking for the fast buck and won’t treat this with the respect of a professional business.

2. Their uplines never trained them on what to do and what not to do.

We should not look to change number one as I believe network marketing is one of the last bastions of free enterprise where someone can start from nowhere with very little and follow a proven model to success regardless of their credit rating, resume, number of degrees, etc. So, let’s focus on number two…

Raising the Conversation

Here is why I am never offended if someone I talk to isn’t open to Network Marketing, I know the model is superior and I know it works. Knowing that you do NOT need to try to close everyone you run into is critical if you are to treat this like a professional business. If you are working somewhere and a job opens up and you tell your unemployed friend about it and they do not apply, do you get mad at them? Probably not right? Well, why should we throw our logical rules out the window when it comes to network marketing?


The above statement is true for network marketing just as it is with any small business. If you were starting a small business tomorrow would you approach the same people you have prospect for your MLM with a job opportunity? Probably not right?


Bring the MLM Industry Together

Today, stop trying to just sign up everyone and have the posture that you have a real and legitimate business, because you do! Here is what I guarantee, NO ONE ever built a small business to a million dollars a year if they didn’t at some point treat it like a million dollar business…once you start doing the same with your business, you at least have the possibility to accomplish great things in your MLM.

Simple Steps to Help This Industry Together

1. Educate your downline on how to approach people without begging, bugging or chasing.

2. If you had a bad experience with a past company, don’t brand yourself as a loser and a non-professional by talking about it. I had 11 bad experiences but you never hear me talk about them, they were all wonderful lessons learned. =)

3. End the hype. Stop luring people in on how easy it is. If you are to have success, in this economy, it ain’t gonna be easy. You are gonna have to work hard or you might just financially perish like the rest. Don’t have marketing that attracts the get rich quick crowd or you might just see yourself broke.

3. Believe. Believe we have the greatest industry in the world with more opportunity than any other industry at a time where the world really needs it. Believe that you can have massive success with your business and stop answering the stupid questions of people that aren’t going to join your business anyway, don’t relinquish the power that you have to anyone, anywhere, who tries to steal your dreams. Do this, and we will all collectively raise the conversation of this entire industy.

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