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Want To Set Yourself Free From Stress? Stop Being Addicted to Outcomes

What do you think about when you hear the word addiction? You might conjure up an image like the one to the left of Dave Chapelle playing a crack addict however the reality is almost every person you will ever run into is addicted to something, they are addicted to outcomes.

What the heck does that mean? Being addicted to outcomes means being emotionally and mentally attached to the circumstances that occur in your life. In this blog I am going to concentrate on why being addicted to outcomes, specifically, reactions to events, will cause you the highest level of stress.

Lets do some examples and let me show you why you are probably an addict.

Example 1: You find the greatest opportunity you have ever seen. This one is different. It is incredible how much money you are going to make. If you could possibly bet your life or life savings on it, you would. You run it by your best friend in the world and they call you an idiot. You get upset. Why did you get upset? Because you were addicted to a positive outcome.

Example 2: You and your significant other have been fighting. You know they are wrong for what they did or how they treated you but you are going to be the bigger person. You decide to make dinner and surprise them with it when they get home from work. They show up an hour late and say they already ate. You get upset. Why did you get upset? Because you were addicted to a positive outcome.

Example 3: You get a big promotion at work. You share it with your father, who, has never told you he was proud of you, about your big promotion. He responds by telling you it was about time as you had been there for so long and that even a blind squirrel finds a nut eventually. You get upset. Why did you get upset? Because you were addicted to a positive outcome.

If you want to live a frustrating life, be addicted to things that you cannot control. That way you always have something to complain about that at the same time, you can do nothing about. You cannot control others’ reactions but you can control how you react to life’s circumstances or other people’s reactions. What if you can train yourself to be happy with what YOU do? How about being happy for yourself? Rather than tying your happiness to the reaction and or approval of someone else?

A person that is not addicted to nor influenced by another persons reaction is quite powerful. Most are addicted to their expectations of how people should react to their events in their life, or, in the case of the video below, some people are even addicted to how inanimate objects should react. Enjoy the video and go out there and have a powerful life!

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