[VIDEO] Two Warm Market Approaches
for Your MLM Business

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Not sure the best way to approach your warm market about your MLM business?

These are two totally different strategies that will help you get a better reception and better results.

What if your Warm Market Hates You?

Don’t worry, I cover that scenario in the below video. Even if your warm market throws rocks at you the phrase that I share in the below video could very well get them to look at your presentation.

I also cover one more strategy and that is to help those that have had success in other areas of their life but aren’t having the same level of success in their MLM business. Building an MLM business takes a little bit different approach than most things and I share EXACTLY what to say to your warm market whether they hate you or if you are someone they actually respect.

When Should You Approach Your Warm Market?

The biggest factor of when you should approach your warm market has everything to do with you. You should NOT approach your warm market about your MLM business if you care if they say no to you. If you are seeking acceptance and approval and will be upset if they tell you no then by all means, DO NOT approach them with your MLM business or any business for that matter.

You have to be OK with it not being a fit for them if you want to maintain your posture and, of course, maintain your friendship. By the way, the two approaches I share in the below video will NEVER turn them off or burn your friends list.

What if they Call it a Scam?

Here are two articles for you that will help. One is by me and the other is by Forbes:

Forbes Article: Is Your MLM Business a Scam?

My article: Is MLM a Scam? (warning, you might crack up at the video)

Sharing Your MLM Business with Friends

Was that helpful? Both approaches work. By the way, the guy I coached yesterday on ONE of the strategies immediately reached out to more than 20 of his warm market and several asked him why he had never come to them before with his MLM business. Yep, it just straight out works.

Feel free to share this with your teammates and others and drop me a comment if you dug this video.

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