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Video: Tips for Your
Powerpoint Sales Presentation

In this short video I take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how I craft a powerpoint sales presentation. Nothing for sales in this post or video, just sales presentation training.

Basics of a Powerpoint Sales Presentation

The video that I break down is a really simple one, in a more elaborate sales presentation you would want all of the following:

– Credibility points
– Testimonials
– Price conditioning
– Nuggets from each module of whatever you are selling with constant reference to the whole
– Transitions

In the video below I break down a really simple sales presentation I just did for the Power mind course and I think you might learn some things if you are looking to sell things through events or webinars. Pay attention to how I did the price conditioning, included bonuses, used testimonials and offered an incentive to get the course for free. Those elements alone would greatly help most people that try to sell through powerpoints. IF you dig this behind the scenes stuff, be sure to leave me a comment and I will do more of it, if not, we will go back to more of the regular prospecting and marketing stuff I usually talk about!

Video: Sales Presentation Training

Obviously I am breaking down a powerpoint sales presentation just because that is what I am used to, you can apply the principles to keynote or whatever else you are using.

To your abundance!

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