There is no doubt we are in interesting times.

As some of you know I work with a home based gold and silver mlm
business that deals in collectible gold and silver coins. Gold and
silver are being purchased at record levels right now with people
unsure of the economy or the stock market.

Since the time of the roman emperor Diocletion anytime a currency
has decreased in value due to the government reducing the asset
base of the currency (The US went off the gold standard in 1971) or
by printing vast amounts of currency to make up for debt (sound
familiar?) precious metals have soared in price and those who
held the most gold or silver, well, ruled the roost.

This is why you see so many commercial on television about gold and
silver right now. This is why the higher end channels tell you to
hedge your bets against the dollar by buying it and the lower end
channels tell you to send it to them in a little envelope and they
might send you a check, lol.

However, does it make any sense to amass a collection of gold and
silver COLLECTIBLE coins in this economy? I don’t know too many
people that have any knowledge of the history of economic markets
that dont think it is a smart time to hold gold and silver but,
should you bother with collectible coins?

Watch this video and you be the judge:

Ray Higdon
(239) 471-4800

PS: Dont take my word for it, listen to what Robert Kiyosaki
says about Obama and buying gold and silver