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Video: MLM Recruiting Tips
to Boost Your Sponsoring


Last night I did this video with my team and thought I would share these MLM recruiting tips with you.

Simple, Simple MLM Tips

In the below video I share some powerful MLM tips that will, without a doubt, help you with your MLM recruiting and prospecting.

The main point of ALL of my tips are to help you maintain your power and NOT get bullied out there when you are talking to people about your network marketing business.

What MLM Recruiting Tips Are Actually in The Video?

In the below video I cover some of the most common errors made in MLM recruiting, specifically I cover:

– How, when and what to say in regards to voicemails (this will also help – More MLM Recruiting Tips)
– How to humanize scripts and why the top recruiters do
– How to reach out to old connections, people you have not talked to in a long time or may not remember you
– The door knob close
– and the right way to followup

Based on my coaching of not just my team but people outside of my team, I would say that 95% of all network marketers make more than one of the mistakes I cover in the video. Most people make it way harder than it needs to be and I hope this video helps you. In the video I do cover a couple company specific things from my primary company but 95% of the content in this video (and no, there is nothing for sale in the video) can be applied to ANY network marketing company.

Yep, I am one lucky dude!

Yep, I am one lucky dude!

Bonus: Jess’s MLM Recruiting Secrets for Facebook!

About five minutes before we went live my wife Jessica shared some questions she had written down to help people recruit more people using Facebook and I asked her to hop on the webinar to share them with the team. You are gonna hear all ten of her awesome and powerful Facebook questions that she asks prospects to get them interested in our network marketing business.

Video: Boost Your Recruiting Now!


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