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Two Very Cool Charities:
SWFL Voices for Kids & My Charity Water

This is a blogpost I am excited to get out there and see what happens. Every year I pick a charity in my area and raise money for them and this year I picked SWFL Voices for Kids. SWFL Voices for kids works with the guardian ad litem and this is the 3rd time I have worked with them, they rock. I know some people don’t know what guardian ad litem is or have never heard of SWFL Voices for kids is so I shot a video with the board president. Check out the video and also check out the other charity I am supporting this year and have donated to, My Charity Water.

What is SWFL Voices for Kids?

To get a better understanding of what the charity is, check out this video I shot with the president of the board, Joanne Holt:


How to Donate to SWFL Voices for Kids

You can donate two ways, one, by visiting the official website for SWFL Voices for Kids at http://www.voicesforkids.org/. Or, I will be matching every donation that comes in through my link up to $1,000. For the next 7 days I will be matching any donations that come in through my link here – http://bit.ly/dIG9PH. This link comes to my personal paypal account, that I will be matching and donating to SWFL Voices for Kids. If you at all feel uncomfortable using that link, and want to donate to SWFL voices for kids, please contact them directly at their link above.

Another Very Cool Charity, My Charity Water

I cannot take credit for this one. The guys over at My Lead System Pro, which, I am a member of, came up with this charity and although I am not matching donations on this, they are. I have donated to this charity and it is really cool.

Did you know that if you just bring clean water into a community so people could wash their hands, deaths are reduced by 44%! Almost 1,000,000 lives would be saved every year from water-related diseases if people had access to clean water and just washed their hands! You have to watch the video on this site and this is perfect if you are outside of SWFL and don’t want to donate to a charity local to me but do want to donate something, you can check it out by going here – http://mycharitywater.org/mlsp

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