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Two Quick MLM Tips to
Boost Your Business

Presenting at No Excuses 2

Presenting at No Excuses 2

We always let simple things keep us from doing the thing we know we need to do. Here are two quick mlm tips to boost your business.

What are two things people are really struggling with?

1. Information overload

2. Confusion

Now, other than the obvious of not talking to enough people, these are two that seem to beat quite a few would be MLM success stories. One of my battles is to get rid of these silly problems and I hope the MLM tips I have in here will help you, they really boil down to two questions you should be asking yourself on a daily basis…

Two Quick MLM Tips

I wrote this post awhile back, How to Beat Information Overload, and it mainly focuses on having a daily routine. This way it is unable to suffer from information overload. See, when you have a daily routine, you simply follow the routine, if that routine says to do 30 minutes of training, you do it, then move onto the next thing which could be how many prospects per day you plan on connecting with. So, the first question and one my two MLM tips for the day, is to ask yourself this when you are ever overloaded, “What does my routine say to do?” and it should get you right back on track.

This second MLM tip came to me the other day and I thought it was brilliant. You see, I do a lot of coaching for people in my team and have paying clients outside of my team and the coaching students that do not have much success always, without fail, complicate things. They take a script or set of actions and make those actions infinitely more complicated than they need to be. Here is my suggestion, anytime you seem confused or not sure what to do in a given situation, ask yourself this very powerful question, “How am I over-complicating this?” The network marketing business is a really simple model, it usually includes talking to people, showing the plan and following up mainly, this question should help you be more clear in your actions.

Be on a Mission

You have to be on a mission or you will get crushed by your mindset. I have found that most people cannot go more than two days without letting their mind talk get them down. If you aren’t playing a bigger game, this will happen. Play a bigger game, have a vision of who you want to be and then the actions to accomplish those things will be easier and more enjoyable. If you are simply doing actions to “get a signup”, that is NOT playing big enough. This is one of my favorite videos that may help with this issue – How to think big, hope you enjoy!

To Your Abundance!

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