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The Only Cure to
Information Overload


Most diseases are preventable, you just have to know how to guard against it. This post will share with you the only way to avoid (and cure yourself) of information overload.

What is Information Overload?

Information overload is when you allow your senses to take in more than you can possibly act upon. In Network Marketing it is training that causes info overload and the reality is you will NEVER EVER catch up or possibly go through the already existing training within our industry. So how do you avoid it?

The Cure

There is only one cure I have ever seen, it is the cure that I personally use, it is, a daily routine. I have written about having a daily routine before but in looking back at the old posts, I am not totally happy with any of them completely so I thought I would share my current routine and beliefs in todays post.

Daily Routine to Smack Information Overload in the Face

Here is a daily routine that, if followed, will make you money in Network Marketing, I also have some suggestions at certain parts in the process.

1. Exercise daily. I recently watched a Tony Robbins DVD where by helping a woman understand who she wanted to BE, she lost over 200 pounds and has kept it off for ten years. The kicker is he didn’t tell her what to eat or how to work out. So, the point is, YOU come up with whatever type of daily exercise you will stick with and just do it. Keep in mind you can knock out some marketing or mindset training WHILE exercising via audio, etc.

2. Work on your mindset. Yes, daily. Not just at random events but every single day. This might include reading a chapter or two from top authors. One program that a lot of people have liked is my Vibrational Money Immersion course which is a weekly mp3 program that makes it real simple. By listening to each of the 15 weeks once a day then changing each week, you will accomplish this. Do not spend more than 10-20% of your available time on this. You can still get the discount on my VMI program here.

3. IF you are serious about making money in network marketing, you NEED to prospect. Keep in mind I am not saying online or offline, like the whole exercise thing, do it however you want to do it. If you struggle with where to find people to talk to, online or offline, grab my audio before I take it down by entering your name and info on the top right hand side of this page. IF you need to make money, I would suggest having this consist of 70% or more of your available time.

4. IF you are an online marketer, create 1-2 pieces of content daily that is value packed. This could be videos, articles, etc but ARE geared to helping your target market in some way. IF you are new to this, DO NOT try to get it perfect, you won’t. Just do it for 6 months and you will learn how to get better.

5. Work on constantly learning marketing but stop trying to learn everything. Limit your marketing training to a maximum of 20% of your total time.

6. Meditate. I talk about it in this post. Stop right now, close your eyes and stop your thoughts. Can you solely focus on your breathing alone for 2 minutes straight WITHOUT being distracted with your thoughts? Chances are, if you are like most people, you cannot. Meditation can release some of the thoughts that are blocking your creativity which will help to release stress as well.

7. Write afformations. I prefer the way Noah st John suggests and teaches in his iAfform audios.

Keep in mind, the above steps are not things I suggest doing every now and then but DAILY. Now, did you notice how I said “available time” versus tell you how many hours? It is because MOST people are doing network marketing part time and if you gauge and use the percentages of your available time, you can adjust this to any schedule. Some of you may have seen this routine and immediately thought, “I don’t have time for that”, I suggest that your day is going to happen anyway, fit the schedule in and the day will happen anyway.

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