So what is the number one mistake most network marketers make? It’s talking too much about their opportunity!

So what does it mean to talk too much? This is the most common mistake that I see in network marketers. You attend a presentation, hear from a great speaker on how much money you are going to make and come out of that meeting fired up and ready to sign up the world! So you set meetings or start calling people on the phone and telling them how excited you are about this new opportunity and how you and they are going to make a crap load of money only to get rejected by your supposed friends and or family members. There are a couple things wrong with this approach. Number one, you do not have the information to even be discussing the opportunity if you have only been to one presentation and two, whatever you say or do is absorbed and analyzed by the person you are talking to as exactly what they have to do to build the business and if you are bending their ear for 30 minutes or more, they know they do NOT want to do that!

So, what should your approach be? It is certainly a good idea to tell your friends and family members what you are doing but it’s a much better approach to stay vague about it and talk to them for less than 10 minutes. One thing you may try is talk with the person that sponsored you and get him/her to agree to help you with your prospects. That way, you can tell your friends and family members that you don’t know everything about it but your friend can fill in the details. Another way is to get them to a presentation like you attended. A great, non-threatening way is to say “Look, I respect you, I think you respect me, come to this meeting and if you like it, Great, but if not, no big deal!”

Ray Higdon
Fort Myers Marketer