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The Truth About Network Marketing Success

why network marketingInside this post I am NOT going to pull any punches and just going to shoot you straight about network marketing success.

This post may open your eyes to why so few create the life of their dreams with network marketing.

What Most Uplines Won’t Tell You

Most people active in network marketing are struggling to get recruits and because they feel the answer to their problem is getting more recruits they aren’t always honest with the people they bring in.

This is a major problem. If someone you are about to recruit thinks it is super simple to build massive network marketing success then just plan on them quitting quickly when they discover it isn’t.

Yep, I said it, it is NOT easy to create success inside of network marketing AND, quite frankly, you have to be borderline nuts to even try to!

Here’s what I mean

In the beginning you make such a little return on your time in regards to income you seriously have to have major vision to continue on. You have to know that doing almost ANYTHING, especially in the beginning if you haven’t been properly trained, will make you more money than network marketing.

Here’s a key point to actually creating network marketing success, in fact, if you truly get the next sentence, you just might have a shot at creating the life of your dreams with the vehicle of network marketing.

“Consider the alternative”

That’s right, consider the alternative. At one point I was making $80,000 a year at a corporate job, barely saw my kids as I left home when they were still sleeping and came home when they had already gone to sleep. I spent more time with framed pictures of my kids than the real thing. When I “consider the alternative” of what would have happened had I NOT joined network marketing and stayed there, it’s true I might be making maybe $100,000 a year but would my time be better or worse? Would be freedom by greater or less? Would I be happier or… well, you get the point.

There is ZERO chance that I could have created the life that I currently lead by staying in that job. ZERO. What is YOUR alternative? If you kick major butt at what you are currently doing, will it eventually create a dream life for you? Or will it simply create more money by taking away more time? When you consider the alternative, you just might see the beauty of network marketing.

10007423_758896244144602_341127452_nThis Past Week and Network Marketing Success

This past week, as some of you may already know, I spent the week in Ireland and it was a blast. However, while goofing off in that amazing country, I still got paid residual income AND my team grew (in fact, my team in Malaysia grew by about 40 people!).

IF you can put in the work to create income that grows without your direct work, you CAN create freedom. You can do this in other professions of course like insurance or purchasing real estate and renting it out but network marketing success is something ANYONE can do so long as they put in the work, create a vision AND consider the alternative.

You are going to work hard if you want to have nice things, why not work hard in a profession that CAN help you create the life of your dreams?

Feel free to share this with anyone who may need help hanging on and wants to create network marketing success or someone who “dreads Mondays” or anyone that truly wants to create a powerful life that they love.

To Your Abundance!

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