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Our Trip to Ireland

trip to ireland

Finishing up the last day or our trip to Ireland and wanted to share all the fun with you!

Watch this short and fun video to see the highlights!

Why Ireland?

From our earlier blog post in the week (Lifestyle Marketing) you may recall that we decided to do Ireland based on it’s where Game of Thrones was filmed and it just looked awesome. It was a super bonus when we found out we could do the whole trip with airfare, hotel, almost all meals and all excursions for less than $200 a day!

We then reached out to some of our buds in our team and the group grew and we had an absolute blast as you will be able to tell from the fun video below.

Expectations and Surprises on our Ireland Vacation

So we expected freezing cold, bad food and lots and lots of rain and what we got instead was a few T-shirt days and really only on day two did the rain even affect us at all and that was just to run from the house of Waterford to the bus.

Almost all of our meals were covered in this trip with the package we got and the ONLY meal I didn’t personally care for was some lasagna I gambled on in Achill Island at the Beehive restaurant, every other meal was actually fantastic!

Here are some epic pics from our journey

Favorite Parts

Our two favorite parts were Blarney castle and Achill Island (with the Atlantic highway drive) but really there wasn’t one part of the trip or tour that was bad. The weather was not bad at all, only used the umbrella one time and again, had some seriously good food along with enough pints of Guiness, Smithwicks and Killkennys to last a year!

Pictures or videos cannot do the green landscape justice, it’s just something you have to see for yourself. Green rolling hills as far as the eye can see with a fairly frequent castle in the background is just the norm over here.

My other favorite part…the company. I mention them in the video below but big gratitude and love to TJ, Ferny, Cesar, Tanya, Reebs, Cristina, David, and our new friends, McLogan, Michelle, Joe and Sherrie. You all MADE the trip ten times more fun and can’t wait to see you all on future trips!

Fun Video highlighting our Trip to Ireland

Wasn’t that fun? I love taking you with me on vacations and hope you enjoyed all the pictures and videos from this trip to Ireland. This year is a busy one with us visiting Vegas, Dallas, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, Maui, Jamaica, and doing a team cruise and an Alaskan cruise in the next few months. My hope is this video and all the pictures give you the fire within to travel and the see the world. The world is a huge, amazing place and my hope for you is that you create a lifestyle where you get to GO and see more of it with the people you love.

Feel free to comment on what picture or part of the video you liked best, I always appreciate that and feel free to share this with anyone who might want to dream a little bigger or has heritage in Ireland and might appreciate it, hope to see YOU in an exotic and fun part of the world soon!

To Your Abundance!

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