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The Truth about the Herbalife Investigation


This is my opinion on the Herbalife investigation and what is going on that you need to pay attention to.

If you want to know how this might affect you and your business, watch this video!

Full Disclosure

I am NOT a Herbalife distributor but AM a supporter of the network marketing profession. I have been full-time inside network marketing as a trainer AND rep since late 2009.

That being said, I have had the chance to meet a LOT of people associated with Herbalife and have always got the impression from these quality people that it is a great company. From the legend of Jim Rohn to a someone I learned a lot from, Larry Thompson, I fully believe this company has impacted a LOT of lives.

What’s inside the below video:

Inside the below video I share my opinion on the Herbalife investigation and also why calling Herbalife a scam or pyramid scheme is just plain dumb (you might like my analogy). I also share what everyone in health and wellness companies need to be careful of and why you SHOULD be rooting for Herbalife to pull out of this without having major issues.

My Thoughts on the Herbalife Investigation

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