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Jim Rohn Network Marketing Quotes


Today I share my two favorite Jim Rohn network marketing quotes. We all learned a lot from Jim, one of the greatest trainers ever.

Watch this short video for my two favorite Rohn quotes and what they mean to me.

Did You Study Jim Rohn?

Most network marketers I talk to learned SOMETHING from Jim Rohn and being that Jim passed away a few years ago, I want to make sure our up and comers learn about him as the rest of us had. IF you are in network marketing and have never heard of Jim Rohn, do yourself a favor and get something from Jim on Amazon (you’ll thank me later).

The quantity of Jim Rohn network marketing quotes that have impacted me made it tough to pick my two favorite but I did, and in the below video you will hear them and my interpretation of them. I think they are two network marketing quotes that are perfect for the person that is in their struggle to get to the top and need cheering on.

Video: Two Fave Jim Rohn Network Marketing Quotes

Did you like the quotes? Powerful right? What are YOUR favorite Rohn quotes and what do they mean to you? Comment below if you ever learned something from the late great and be sure to share with others.

To Your Abundance!

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