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Lifestyle Marketing: Design Your Life

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My main hope you get out of this post is that you have the ability to design your life AND that once you understand that you embrace lifestyle marketing.

My wife and I are with some of our closest friends on a vacation in Ireland, hope you enjoy this post!

Why Ireland?

It’s funny, when you create a profitable business you don’t really worry about money much. I think some people believe that those that work hard are ALWAYS thinking about money, I have found it to be the opposite. Those who DON’T have the money to do what they want are ALWAYS thinking about it and those who make a lot of money, more worry about what fun experiences to do!

So, one day my wife and I were watching Game of Thrones and the scenery was so beautiful that we wondered where it was filmed. I looked it up and found out it was Ireland and told my wife. Jessica then called me the next day and said, hey, there’s a dreamtrip to Ireland, we should go! I said, OK (having no idea when it was or for how long or how much it cost).

After booking the trip and making a few calls, we roped some of our friends into going. My good buds, Cesar Rodriquez, Tanya Aliza, Ferny Ceballos and his girlfriend Christina, Tim Erway and his girl Reba and my bud from NY, David Arriaga. Yesterday was day one of nine and we had a blast!

 Your Life

lifestyle marketingWould it be cool if YOU could travel where you wanted, when you wanted, and with who you wanted? Would it be neat to find out where one of your favorite shows was filmed and just decide to go visit there? Would it also be cool to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs that could do the same? That is called a life by design. The reason I am sharing all this with you is I want you to understand what is at the end of your hard work.

Life wasn’t like this a few years ago when I was going for 20 no’s a day, trying to make some real money inside network marketing. I couldn’t just hop on a plane when I wanted as I didn’t have the money.

It’s common to wonder your sanity when you are working so hard for so little results but I am here to tell you, so long as you keep going, it isn’t easy but it is worth it. Keep going. If you are getting flack from your friends, family members and co-workers, just create a vision of a day where they will be green with envy when you are traveling the world and they are at home looking at your Facebook pictures. It is possible. If one person can do it, someone else can. If two people can do it, most people can. If three people can do it, ANYONE can do it. You can do it. You can design your life in the EXACT way you want!

Lifestyle Marketing and Simply Having Fun

lifestyle marketing

Lifestyle marketing is when you get past the whole “I need to promote business to get new recruits.” Lifestyle marketing is where you just share the cool experiences and the fun people you are hanging out with and people simply want to figure out how you do what you do and how to work with you.

Lifestyle marketing is cool because you get to just pick from yours and others bucket list and just go do them armed with nothing more than a camera and your social media accounts.

See the pic on the left? Yesterday we all visited the official Guinness storehouse in Dublin where they teach you how to pour the perfect pint of beer. It was a lot of fun. What experiences do YOU want to create?

Today we head out on a tour through the medieval city of Kilkenny to check out castles and old stuff and visit a farmhouse to eat hot, fresh scones out of the oven. Won’t be doing any business the rest of the day but I am sure, like all days, sales will continue on my website and team members will come onboard with or without my interaction. I encourage YOU to keep working hard, keep your focus, don’t let others sway you in the pursuit of your dreams just because they gave up on theirs. You can do this, YOU can create the life you desire and I sure hope you do. The world needs more inspiration, hope this has inspired you!

Leave me a comment if you plan on creating the life of YOUR dreams and aren’t gonna stop until you do!

To Your Abundance!

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