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In 1992, Steve began his career as a software developer and consultant for a transportation company in the mid-west. In 1994, his job brought him to the Tampa Bay area as a software consultant for a leading development firm. Throughout his 10-year career in software development, Steve worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies to develop software and business automation systems for companies spanning multiple vertical markets including healthcare, transportation, weapons management, travel, insurance, and telecommunications. His experience in building systems and directing teams of developers led Steve to launch his own software development and consulting firm, Jackson Business Solutions, Inc., in January 2000.

Although rewarding, life as a software developer brought with it many late nights and weekends in the office as a result of the extremely aggressive deadlines. The long hours, coupled with the “Dotcom Bust,” led Steve and his wife, Carole, to attend their first real estate investment seminar in December 2001. Within his first year, Steve had successfully rehabbed 4 homes while continuing his work as a software developer. After just one year, his part-time job as a real estate investor grew to a point where it required his full attention. So in March 2003, Steve began a full time career in real estate investing and formed “Family Man Buys Houses.” As Family Man Buys Houses grew, and Steve began to implement more and more lead generation activities, the constant phone calls and back office tasks began to consume his time. Steve has since learned to use multiple ways to leverage his time and next Wednesday Night is going to show you how you can do the same by following tried and true, step-by-step methods to make money EVEN in this market!

Where and When:
Clarion Hotel
12635 South Cleveland Ave.
Fort Myers, FL 33907
Wednesday, October 1st

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