Good Morning and TGIM!

As some of you know I reached the top rank in the Gold and Silver
Company I promote. I am one of two in the entire company at the rank
of 5 star which means I now get a company override and I am very
grateful and blessed!

This weekend I decided to SPLURGE! I took some of my commission this
week and got two Superbowl tickets, 20 rows from the field and it
was awesome! Now, I am a Colts fan so I am not as happy as I could be
but it was such a great experience! I have been working this business
hard core the last 6 months and needed a break! It is so awesome
when you reach a goal you set and then reap the rewards. Just to
think that you can work a business up to well over $10,000 a month
residual in under 7 months!

The majority of people on my team are
Internet leads that I have sponsored but some of you that actually
know me are starting to ask me about this business as you are getting
the feeling this is not JUST another company I am promoting, it is
THE company I am promoting! If you would like more information to
see if you can follow our internet marketing of this business or
how we are also growing it without the Internet, I encourage you to
simply jump on one of my sizzle calls!

Starting today, I will be doing twice a day Everyday Monday – Friday
Numis Sizzle calls!
2pm and 10pm EST, you can invite your guests to listen in from
their phone to this new powerful way to build your business!
Here are the details:
Call in number – 712-432-3973
Pin – 10000#
Lets Rock

Ray Higdon
(239) 471-4800
[email protected]