I am really excited as I have been asked to speak at the Cape Coral Center for Spiritual Living again. The Cape Coral center for spiritual living is the center I go to every Sunday and as I have never been a big church goer, the center offers something that I have never seen another church offer, at least in my experiences. There is no doom and gloom preaching nor separating speaches on how one religion is better than another, it is just a great place to go that talks about the power of our minds and teaches people HOW to think rather than WHAT to think. Big difference.

Today I am speaking Cape Coral Center for Spiritual Living on Humanity Unites Brilliance. Humanity Unites Brilliance is a company I am proud to be associated with that is an empowerment education company that makes a global impact. Below is a video on Humanity Unites Brilliance and if you want more information, you can visit my website here
Humanity Unites Brilliance Website. The Cape Coral Center for Spiritual Living and Humanity Unites Brilliance fits in well with my personal life coaching I do for others and I am so grateful to have them both in my life!

Ray Higdon
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