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To Get Good at Online MLM Recruiting, Think Like the Big Boys

This weekend I got to hang out with some heavy hitter marketers in Sacramento, CA. I hung out with Raymond Fong (c0-founder of SEO Networker), David Schwind (PPC and Copywriting Master) and Jim Yaghi (Partnered with THE Mike Dillard to create PPC Domination and is known as one of the best traffic guys in the world) and my friends Dave & Michelle Lovett and Chris Kent. When talking with these marketing masters, it became obvious to me that they simply thought differently than most people do when designing a plan to market their multi level marketing company. But, how do they think differently?

First of all, you know I have to be happy having these marketing monsters in my mlm home based business, we have been very blessed to attract some of the best online marketers in the world into our company but, now that they are in, what will get them to work the business?

ROI, Profit and Earnings Per Click

I had a great side conversation with Jim Yaghi. Jim became famous first for becoming the number one affiliate for Mike Dillard and he was telling me that you had two choices with marketing, either make your clicks cheaper or, turn your leads into more profit. Roughly quoted,  Jim said, “I spent a year studying, analyzing and brainstorming on how to make each of my clicks cheaper, which, made me realize that it was just a lot easier to make each click more profitable instead. If you are losing $50 from your marketing campaign, throw an auto-responder to the leads that makes you more than $50 rather than spend hours trying to save the $50 in your campaign.”


Did you get that? Did some of you just have a breakthrough? To think like the big boys, find a way to make your leads more profitable…we will come back to that.

How Can I Spend More on Advertising?

I think it was Dan Kennedy that said, the point of advertising is not to spend less, it’s to have the ability to spend more. David Schwind had some incredible ideas on having larger start-up packages so that he could get a better return on investment if he did direct mail. The details of this isn’t that important but the principle is, he was asking how he could justify spending more money on advertising. You see, if you spend $50 to get a lead but it averages making you $75, how many $50 bills would you spend? This is the number one difference between marketing players and wanna-be’s.

What if I Simply Don’t Have the $$ to Test?

Well, then, take what you are currently doing and increase your profits on those leads. If you are mainly doing free marketing via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc, then find a way to make those leads more profitable. This includes the yes’s and more importantly the no’s. In any mutli level marketing company, you are going to get more No’s than Yes’s. So lets figure out how to create profit out of people that tell you no.

It’s Simple, What Do They Want?

A lot of times people tell you no because they have their own deal they are promoting. They think theirs is the best network marketing company and no matter what you say, you cannot convince them that yours is the best network marketing company. You know what’s hard work? Trying to convince someone that thinks theirs is the best that yours is the best, that’s hard work! So, instead, perhaps we can offer them something that doesn’t conflict with their way of thinking. What do they want? They want to be better at mlm recruiting, specifically, online mlm recruiting. They want to be able to generate more leads online. It doesn’t matter what multi level marketing company they are in, this is what they want. So give it to them!

Well, What Do You Do Ray?

As anyone that follows my blog, you know I don’t talk in theory much, I simply tell you exactly what I do or what I say. Now there are a few options out there on how you can create more profit out of your leads but I chose My Lead System Pro (that link will show you a templated landing page they have in the system). Now, I am not going to pitch you all the reasons why I chose MLSP but it is important to understand the concept of why it makes so much sense. Anywhere from 60-90% of the people you talk to will tell you no to joining your multi level marketing company but probably 80-90% of them would love to figure out ways of online mlm recruiting. They would love to get more leads, well, you can take the majority of those leads looking to learn more and create a profit out of them. MLSP, and some of the other programs out there, pay an affiliate commission when you get people to sign up for the program. They do not compete with any MLM so it is safe for the lead you are conversing with to join. Here is a sample conversation I have had many, many times.

Me: You may or may not be interested but I am the top income earner for ______ and we deal in ___ and _____.
Prospect: No way dude, I love juice! Juice is my life! (dramatized)
Me: Oh, that’s cool, let me ask you this, are you generating a lot of leads online?
Prospect: No, not really, why do you ask?
Me: Well, I have this program that has helped me generate hundreds and hundreds of leads, it is non-mlm specific and it really is the main reasons I sponsor 10-20 reps per month from the Internet, if you are interested I can send you over a brief video
Prospect: Killer Dude!

OK, not sure why I chose to go with a surfer prospect but just go with me. Can’t you see conversations going like that? The chart below represents online prospects that I have converted into profit in the last 2 weeks.


What Can You Do If You Made More of Your Leads Profitable?

Well, you could cover your marketing and advertising costs, which, is what I do (and then some). Again, I am not pushing this program but the idea behind it. If you can create more profits, especially out of the vast majority that tell you no, well, you are then thinking like the big boys.

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