Tips for Network Marketing Success

Ray speaks today about tips for network marketing success and how interviewee Kyle Devine went from struggling to rising star!

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Tips for Network Marketing Success

How He Went from Struggling to Rising Star

Ray Higdon: This gentleman was a contestant on season two of our Play to Win show and he has really stepped up. This just samurai swordsman in the month of March recruited 67 people and that’s at a minimum buy in of $50, but many of them came in at higher levels. And so I’m really excited to see what’s been going on since the show. What has he implemented in his life? How is he showing up bigger? And so please help me welcome, the one, the only, Kyle Devine. Kyle, what’s going on, man?

Kyle Devine: What’s up? What’s happening?

Kyle Devine: First off, I want to say thank you guys. Literally the entire Higdon Group, I would not be here literally if it was not for the Higdon Group and my entire team, all the people that are watching that tune in to watch me, haters, lovers, whatever, I love you all. Seriously. Any type of support is support. I appreciate all of you guys for real. And yeah, so what has happened to me? Well, the reality show, it was literally a big, I guess it was a wake up call. It was a necessary part of my life. What?

Ray Higdon: Let me here I’m going to hit you with a couple things before we get there. Tell me, what was life like before the reality show?

Kyle Devine: Yeah, so it’s almost hard to even remember that far back to be honest. No, but life before the reality show is struggling. It was just survival mode. You’re just in survival mode. I was just so used to just having enough and then just needed to struggle to find the next, I don’t know. Maybe that was definitely a mindset issue, but it was just enough to get by. And then I would just go back down. Then enough, then I would go back down. Yeah, it was a struggle.

Ray Higdon: Right. And then what were you saying? You said once you came on the show, you said it was a wake up call. What do you mean by that?

Kyle Devine: Yeah. If you haven’t caught the show, I definitely recommend you to go back. Maybe we’ll figure out a way to post that in here so people can go back and watch it. But I was actually on day two. I was one of the first, okay now my other phone’s working. I was one of the first people that was voted, let me get rid of this thing real quick. I don’t want you guys to hear it, because it’s going to go crazy. But I was of the first voted off, I would say. I was the last picked. I was the first person on the couch and I remember you, Ray Higdon asking me, “Look around and think about why are you in this spot? Why are you?” I look at it, the last person picked on the basketball team. That’s literally how I thought about it. And I literally had to think about that. And first it was, I thought about ego. Ego. It wasn’t ego like people think it wasn’t ego, like I’m a high mighty bad-ass person. It wasn’t that type of ego. It was an ego, I’m letting my mind sell me short in life. I’m letting myself settle for less. I’m letting myself, the things that my mind tells me, my ego get in the way and literally beat me up and let me settle for less in life and not be who I really want to be. I was being someone that I thought I had to be to fit in to other people. If you watch the show, a lot of people there was, I don’t know if you did the interviews in the page or whatever, but I remember you asking people who was the one person they didn’t get along with most on the show? And everybody kept on saying me, kept on saying to me, kept on saying me. And I figured out why.

Ray Higdon: And that’s tough to hear. See, most people they may think that stuff, they may think that people don’t like me or whatever, but then you hear it. That’s not easy to hear, man. And there’s a couple ways you could react to that. You could react to that and be angry and screw you guys. But you seemed to have reacted very differently.

Kyle Devine: Yeah. How I reacted is I’m like, because really you got to take criticism. You can let it hold you down and beat you up or you can be like, well, that’s real crap and there’s a reason for it. And I looked at it, why? Why, why, why? And then Megan Asar, she sent me this book and I really thought about the word ego and I’m like, oh my gosh. On that show people they’d said something is different about him or da, da, da. It’s because I wasn’t being me the whole entire time. I was putting on some facade and I’ve done that my entire life. My entire life, just putting on a fake personality just to fit in. And that’s what I did on the internet too. I’m like, I’m sick of being this fake ass person. I’m going to start being me.

Ray Higdon: Wow.

Kyle Devine: And that’s, it was a huge, it was definitely crazy.

Ray Higdon: What did that look like? After the show, what did that look like? How did you start showing up differently? What were some of the changes you made?

Kyle Devine: Yeah, I talked to my buddy in the basement. We really had a serious conversation. We don’t ever really have conversations like this. And he’s like, there’s just something about you. And I’m not going to get crazy into this but I was in a certain type of industry and I went to a different type of industry. And the one industry was because of, I’ll just say it, health. I lost a ton of weight and then I was like, okay, I’m not driven by money, but mentally, I was like, maybe it’s because I was telling myself that I didn’t need to worry about the money and I kept on trying to be driven by just a focus on being a good person, if that makes sense. If that makes sense. And I was like, okay, well now I do need to make a bunch of money. I do need to change. And by me making as bunch money, I can impact a bunch of people’s lives and I can change a bunch of people’s lives. I literally, I switched that from being just trying to care, care, care all the time to now if I step it up and actually focus on something that I’m way, way, way more passionate about. Because when I got into network marketing, I was literally, I’ll share that really quick, that might touch people. But I was 300 pounds, it was three and a half years ago.

Ray Higdon: Wow.

Kyle Devine: I was super depressed. I hated my life. I looked at my daughter, used to say, “If it wasn’t for her, I would not be here.” I literally, that was literally what I thought all the time. I took it as now that I’m thinking about it, health and wellness was just, it just fell into my lap. That got me into the internet, you know what I’m saying? That got me into the online to building a business. And then I just went from there. Then I found something else that I’m a million times more passionate about and I’m like, I’m allowed to talk about this. I’m allowed to talk about, I’m not going to say exactly what it is, but I’m just going to allow to talk about something else that was yeah, it’s crazy. It’s just crazy. It’s crazy how much the mindset just changes and develops in a short amount of time.

Ray Higdon: Let me ask you this, how many before, let’s say the show before the show, how many people had you recruited?

Kyle Devine: Yeah. I wasn’t always a big recruiter, but I brought in a few people. Right out of the gate, as soon as I got into network marketing, I was able to sign a few people. It wasn’t 67 in a month, but I definitely signed people right from the beginning. Not because of influence or nothing like that, but because I found you in the second week of network marketing. But even before that, I literally thought like, all I got to do is talk to people so I figured that you just have to do the work. I figured that out, that quickly, but even just doing the work, I ran into two roadblocks to dead ends. And then I really learned that a lot of it really it’s right here. It’s all right here. It’s so crazy now. I’m like, whoa. The reason why, to answer your question, not 67 a month, maybe 40 people in an entire year.

Ray Higdon: Yeah. That’s still very respectable. What was your daily routine like to recruit 67 people in one month?

Kyle Devine: Literally I just reach out to people.

Ray Higdon: Do you have metrics? Did you have, I want to get 20 nos or I’m going to reach out to a 100 people? Or did you have numbers that you followed or was it time? Kyle Devine: Yeah. Minimum I will not reach out to less than, even with follow ups even though I have people get signed, I will make sure minimum I reach out to 50 people every single day, no matter what. But also I plan a lot of seeds because I was in seven to eight blitzes, all these challenges with you guys. I’d have days where I’ve reached out to 400, 1,000, 2,000. Oh, absolutely. 100%.

Ray Higdon: How do you view recruiting now?

Kyle Devine: Yeah. Now it’s fun. It’s not like I’m not bugging anybody. I literally am, you do it or you don’t do it. You want to do it or you don’t want to do it. I can show you how to do it, but I’m not going to push. I’m not going to, but then I also got to a point, welcome to the team. Literally that’s my mindset is welcome. I’m excited. I get excited. I get fired up. I can say, “You do this and you put the work and you’re going to thank me later.” I have that like I just totally, totally confident, just confident.

Ray Higdon: That’s huge.

Kyle Devine: Once you’re confident, crazy.

Ray Higdon: That’s huge. I saw you, you were holding up the Time, Money, Freedom book. Was that helpful too after the show?

Kyle Devine: Yeah. This book is huge to me because I literally, I’ve listened to it quite a few times and this is my guideline. It’s my little roadmap and I literally even have this, I even, I know it’s going to happen Monday. I’m going to make a crap ton, have a huge team and I’m going to be able to have an amazing testimony for this. But getting sick and tired of getting sick and tired. That always sticks out to me. And I literally got sick and tired. I got sick and tired. I’m looking around and I’m, I live in a studio apartment right now, literally a studio apartment with a fricking microwave, a air fryer and a fricking toaster oven with my daughter. I can’t have that anymore. I can’t anymore.

Ray Higdon: Good for you.

Kyle Devine: And I got sick and tired of it. I’m literally sick and tired of it. this is surreal to me. It still is. I literally it’s different. I have to like adjust to it. And now even when you go to the next step, then you have, you think it’s all good, but then you have more stuff you have to go through. Because I’m going to be honest, the first few days of April, I beat myself up. I don’t know why I’m like, how did I just be number seven recruiter out of 17,000 people? And then all of a sudden, why am I beating myself up? What’s going on? I had to figure that out.

Ray Higdon: It’s real common. A lot of people experience this in weight loss where they’ll lose some weight, they get to a certain weight and then they’ll start eating again or they’ll start reversing their habits or whatever. And it’s almost such a success thermometer. And so if you start to get into that next degree, it’s like, ooh, uhoh and so it’s actually very, very, very common. Good for you for recognizing that and not totally reversing, but catching it early and charging forward. That’s really powerful.

Kyle Devine: Yeah, it’s insane. I’m kind of like, I like to look at everything. I feel like my life is starting to become, I know it’s becoming somebody else’s blueprint. Because that’s what we are as humans, but I’m like, I really pay attention to all these little things because I’m like, I want to be able to share this. I want to be able to share this and figure it out what I did to get over this and just inspire people, just teach people.

Ray Higdon: Awesome. What would you suggest to the person that’s watching this and they’re maybe feeling like you were, they’re frustrated with the results, they’re not where they want to be and they want to change that. What are some suggestions you might make?

Kyle Devine: Yeah. First my first suggestion and I already have people that did that. They’re not even underneath me, they’re not even in my team, but get into Rank Makers. That’s my first thing is find somebody that knows what the hell they’re doing and do the same and do what they say and don’t try being maybe some superhuman that came out with something new, just do what they did because they already did it. They already made the mistakes or they learned from somebody else. Find somebody that done what want and follow them to a T, literally. To a T. I do it to a T. I literally prospect, follow up, live video. I’ve done a live video two years straight almost now, about year and a half, almost two years straight.

Ray Higdon: Nice.

Kyle Devine: And do the same thing and I still suck at it but I Still do it anyway. I’m going to just keep on going. The find somebody, follow them and work on yourself. Read books. I hated reading in school. I dropped out of high school. I listen to audio books. I don’t like reading, but I’ll listen to an audio book all day long. I’ll do it all. I love it. I’ll listen to it before bed, all the time. I just keep on filling my head up. And I’m like, you can take a half hour a day and if you can just get better one half hour get better from the first 30 minutes to the last 30 minutes, you’re just better a little bit every single day. It’s fun. It reminds me of Madden the football game, Madden, or basketball where you boost your attributes all the way up. That’s how I look at it.

Ray Higdon: Nice. That’s cool.

Kyle Devine: You literally get better. I’ll be at 98 with a mindset now. Let’s go.

Ray Higdon: That’s cool.

Kyle Devine: And just everyday get a little bit better. Because everyone’s going to have crappy days, you’re going to have crappy days. But what I do want to say is this is what I’ve learned. This is a really what I learned is a lot of people wait in life for things to be perfect. They wait for something to be perfect. I’m going to start working when this gets perfect or when this gets perfect or when this gets perfect. Because I’m going to be honest.

Ray Higdon: When the pandemic’s over.

Kyle Devine: Yeah, yes, exactly. The pandemic’s over. Or when it gets over.

Ray Higdon: When it’s over.

Kyle Devine: I’m not going to talk about that. Yeah, because I’m going to be honest, the thing that I’m doing, it’s a new launch, whatever. And a lot of people, even inside of the company they’ve reached out to me, what are you doing? What are you doing? I’m like, and I had to share this in front of 17,000 people too. It’s like, they wait for everything to be perfect because oh, those thing work and don’t wait for things to be perfect in life. Just do it now. Do it now because tomorrow’s not guaranteed. Tomorrow is not a promise. You might not be here tomorrow and that’s a day improved. Get to work now, just do it now and you’re going to have days where you don’t want to do it. You’re going to. You’re a human. We’re humans. But at the end of the day, and this is what really resonated with me when Elsa Morgan said this is, “Look down at your child and if you can look down at your child and tell them they ain’t worth it, that’s literally what you’re doing when you’re not showing up.” If you have a kid or if you have a wife, a husband, somebody you care about, your mom, maybe she’s going through medical problems or whatever, when you’re showing up or the people you can impact, you’re literally telling them, “They ain’t worth it.” Because at the end of the day, it’s not about you. It’s not about me. I’m already now starting to be on these levels where finances ain’t going to be a problem anymore. It’s not about me. It’s not. It doesn’t matter how much money I make now. I can’t stop.

Ray Higdon: Awesome.

Kyle Devine: I cannot stop because that’s not the fun in it. The fun in it to me is watching other people’s stories. I want to be Ray Higdon interviewing people and hearing their story of what they overcame in life.

Ray Higdon: Nice.

Kyle Devine: the biggest thing I got off of Play to Win, ready?

Ray Higdon: I’m ready.

Kyle Devine: This is the biggest thing. This is the biggest thing is when Ray, when you told me, “Step the F up.” And then it censored it, literally. That literally hit me. And being the reason you say, you telling me to be the reason. And then these three words and I’m not trying to be a sympathetic person right now. I’m not trying to be all emotional but when I tell people I grew up without a father, I didn’t have a father. My father’s in a psych ward for being schizophrenic and I literally met him one time and he didn’t even know what the heck I was. And my stepfather walked in when I was being molested at 10 years old, after I told him that that happened, he didn’t believe me. And then he still didn’t do nothing. I grew up not thinking I had a voice. When Ray Higdon, here’s somebody that I look up to and you’re a male, when you said you’re proud of me, that shit meant a lot to me. Just little things in life. If you surround yourself with people that they’ll see things in you that you don’t see in yourself. Mary Kate believed in me. She pushed me to go on the reality show. She literally pushed me to go on it.

Ray Higdon: Awesome.

Kyle Devine: I wasn’t going to do it. I couldn’t even afford to do it, but I did it anyways. I couldn’t afford to go to Rank Makers Live, but I did it anyway. You can’t afford to do it.

Ray Higdon: Awesome.

Kyle Devine: Do it. Do it. That’s just it. Yeah.

Ray Higdon: That’s awesome man. So many different things you said, they’re just, I think perfect for people to hear and drop a comment if you’re proud of Kyle. This guy has been through some stuff and he’s done a lot of growth this past year or so. And I’m super proud of him. Drop a comment if you’re proud of him. And I appreciate you sharing your story, man. That’s super cool. If you do want to watch the shows, the season one and season two, it’s at, And again, drop some love for Kyle, really resonate with his story and I just appreciate him coming out here and proud of your success, man. Keep rocking it, keep being a great example, man.

Kyle Devine: Man, I appreciate you guys. Seriously. All of you guys and just keep on doing this thing because this is, we live in a digital world now. We live in a digital world. If there’s anybody that’s on here that has a business, you’re in the perfect place at the perfect time. This is literally where the world is going. And we need Ray Higdons in this industry. There literally needs people that know what to do and then people just to follow them. Start following people that know what the heck to do. That’s my best advice and start doing what they say.

Ray Higdon: There you go. There you go. All right, everyone give some love to Kyle. I appreciate you, man. Thanks so much for hopping on here. Glad we got it worked out.

Kyle Devine: Awesome. All right. See you guys later and let’s go. Play to win.

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