The Very Best Way to Get MLM Leads

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Ever wonder what is the VERY best way to get MLM leads? Let me tell you AND share how to get more.

IF you understand how getting more MLM leads can help your business, pay attention as this will help!

The WORST Way to Try to Get Network Marketing Leads

The very worst way to try to get MLM leads, and, unfortunately, the most common route taken by Network Marketers is to hope to get MLM leads by spamming their company sales pages on their social media. IF you are posting pictures, status updates and webpages on your social media that solely talk about your network marketing company, you are literally doing the very worst thing you could possibly do for your personal brand AND for generating MLM leads.

Why do People Do This?

Because it’s the easiest and laziest thing you could possibly do that could possibly be considered marketing. If you can copy and paste, you can also abuse social media.

Why doesn’t it work (even if it does)?

The problem with doing this on social media is you don’t have segmentation. I assure you MOST of the people connected to you on social media are not interested in your network marketing business AND in the mere chance that someone is interested in your network marketing business based on company marketing (which is usually pretty terrible), instead of joining you or reaching out to you, they will just google it and guess what they find when they google ANYTHING? Yep, some dude in North Dakota calling it a scam. And YOU will never even know they were mildly interested at any point.

What about the majority of people connected to you on social media that AREN’T interested in your opportunity? They see you as a spammer.

There is hope though, let me explain..

The BEST Way to Get MLM Leads

From seeing about every possible way to generate business opportunity leads, the very best way is to attract them to you.

The way you attract someone to you is you offer them something THEY want. Notice I said something THEY want not something YOU want to sell.

If the very worst way to try to generate MLM leads is blindly posting MLM opportunity pages and updates on your social media then the very BEST way is to put out EDUCATION.

For example, those people that you will never know about that were mildly interested in a home business, saw your MLM company post and googled it just to find out it was a scam would have LOVED to have been educated instead. Had you written an article, shot a video or {BEST} written a blog post called “Should You Start a Home Business?”, they would have clicked that and studied that video or page.

The reason this works is people are curious but when you throw your company name out there constantly you create more resistance than you curiosity. They google it and think they know everything about it (when they don’t) but you lose to an invisible villain that you never even knew consulted them (the Google monster).

Here’s a funny post I did about Offline Attraction Marketing to get more leads.

The Reason I Started Blogging and Still Love it

There are lots of way to generate MLM leads but my favorite (by far) is blogging. Here’s a quick breakdown of some other ways to generate business opportunity leads:

1. You could always buy MLM leads. (If you decide to buy leads, be sure to read this first). This is great to get practice and fast but I never wanted to continue to have to call on people that didn’t know me and instead wanted to find a way where people would know me and reach out to me.

2. You could do paid advertising. This can most certainly work, it can be tricky though as this game constantly changes and the people that actually do the best at this nowadays are the people that do paid ads AND blogging. Paid advertising to get MLM leads REQUIRES a decent amount of knowledge and remember that when you turn those ads off, that lead flow disappears.

3. You could keep it simple and rely on email marketing. Just putting capture pages up and emailing those MLM leads constantly. Quick question for you, when is the last time you bought (or even opened) a two year old email? That would be never.

Blogging is the best of all worlds in my opinion. They last forever (we get MLM leads and sales from blog posts that are YEARS old). They are pretty simple to do, if you can edit a word document, you can write a blog post. They also brand YOU to make people want to follow and reach out to you, which makes recruiting a whole lot easier than buying up MLM genealogy leads or some craziness like that.

My blog now generates over 3,000 leads per month and these aren’t just any ol’ MLM leads, they are leads that actually WANT to hear from me. You can do this too. IF you would like to get a blog setup, you can get one done for as cheap as $50 on or as low as $10 on Blog setup and technology IS CHEAP to get done for you, strategy is where the real money is and what matters way more.

I have ZERO idea how to setup my own blog but I sure know how to use one to generate lots and lots of leads. IF you are currently blogging and not getting the results you feel you should be getting, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] and ask me about my private blogging association. This is a group of bloggers that get to ask me any questions they have and after running this for only 3 weeks, there are already people getting significant results.

What Say You?

Would you like me to talk more about generating leads or you prefer me talking more about recruiting? Would you want to see me create a blog post with my best Blogging tips or would that make ya go to sleep?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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