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The Secret to Success
Has Nothing to do with Permission

What is the difference between the marketer or networker that gets up on stage, hits the next rank or appears to be bulletproof when it comes to prospecting and the person that constantly struggles? The secret to success has NOTHING to do with getting permission, so, this post will help you realize there is no need to wait.

Why Won’t They Tell Me the Secret to Success?

Everyday I have someone ask me to tell them the secret…what is the secret that allowed me to go from personal foreclosure, the brink of bankruptcy to living a ridiculously blessed life in under 12 months?

Stop looking for some ancient tablet revealing some amazing, highly guarded secret and open your eyes to WHO is having the type of success you desire. Jim Rohn talked about it all the time:

“We get paid to bring value to the marketplace” – Jim Rohn

Real quick, what value did you bring to the marketplace last month? Who did you help? How many people said “Thanks, that really helped me”…OK, now, take a look at how much income you generated in your home business and ask yourself if things are actually EXACTLY as they should be? If you made a bunch of money, chances are, you also helped a lot of people, and if you didn’t…

Who Are You to Offer Value?

This is a struggle for most. In a past blog post I talked about how people struggle with credibility. Well, that is because they only think internally about how they can help people which is pretty silly as most don’t care who you are, until you help them, so, just choose to help them. But, I find that a lot of people are sitting around waiting for some guru somewhere to give them permission to become successful and that, my friends, will never happen.

I recently did an interview with Jonathan Budd and he touched on this that there are all kinds of people that have plenty of knowledge and skill to get to the next level but they are awaiting some grand appointment, some declaration, someone to give them permission and say, “Thou Art Worthy!”

The Real Secret To Success

Stop waiting. Stop looking for the stars to be aligned. Stop waiting to get that special letter in the mail granting you permission. Stop waiting for a sign and create your success. You might think that at some point your close friends and family will “accept” you going forth and having major success, chances are, that will never happen. They will continue to see you as you WERE or used to be, not as you have become.

Stop waiting and CHOOSE to go to the next level. The work doesn’t stop but it gets more rewarding. You still have to hustle but it’s longer lasting. You still invest in yourself and invest in products and events but the difference is you allow yourself to take what you learn and teach it to others which makes it constantly worth ten times what you paid. A successful life is not easy, it’s just worth it and a thousand times more refreshing than being in suckville where you are stuck spinning your wheels. Make the choice to become what you are meant to become, the world is waiting for your brilliance.

“Don’t die with the music inside you” – Wayne Dyer

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