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The New MLM Marketers Problem: Credibility

I am in Mexico at a mastermind retreat for My Lead System Pro where 3 other marketers and myself won this trip and a handful of other people paid to come to spend time with us and pick our brains on getting their business started. (pretty cool idea huh?)

In my first night here, I realized that one problem new marketers have is justifying how they have the right to create content when they have not produced anything. A common question is: Who would care if you watched a webinar, read a book and then created a blog or video on that topic when you do not have credibility? This is a dangerous problem to have as a new marketer and this blog will help you blast past this in no time. (to the right is the Villa Corrolla where we are staying)

New MLM Marketers Have a Major Dilemma…

Why would someone care or take the time to read or watch content from any of the new MLM marketers trying to get their business started? Is that a dilemma? The answer is…it shouldn’t be. If you are a new mlm marketer and you have yet to produce your first video, blog or article due to the fact that you feel you do not have the credibility to do so, you are thinking the wrong way.

Your Content as New MLM Marketers is NOT about you

Every single marketer that has ever had success was once in your shoes. At one point, Jack Canfield, Mike Dillard or even Tony Robbins did not have much content to offer other than their interpretations of other people’s content, however, they focused not on themselves but on their audience. When you learn something from a webinar or book, understand that most of the people around you did not have the chance to read that same book or webinar and they would also learn from what you learned in a more chunk-able bite.

Here’s the key to creating content for new MLM marketers that have not produced numbers in their company yet:

1) Focus on who you want to attract

2) Determine what problems they would like to solve

3) Watch webinars, read blogs and books with the intent of locating snippets of knowledge that you can easily share with videos, articles or blogs.

4) Create the content

What holds new MLM marketers back?

They try to break the proven mold. They decide that they will not produce content until they have an amazing story to share not realizing that to create that amazing story, they need to take action and produce content and relationships with other people that simply will not happen until they embrace failing forward. Every good marketer looks back at their original content and laugh, they think it is crap. I wish I would have kept some of my original videos as they were so terrible but you see, I never could have become a good video marketer without going through that process, and, neither can you, that, is the proven process, do not try to outsmart it, do not try to create a shortcut for it

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