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The Rise of the Home Business Owner

There is a global shift occurring that you should be aware of. It is permeating every facet of society. No longer is it a rumor or a underground society that is kept in the corner. It’s mainstream and everyone is bearing witness. It is, The Rise of the Home Business Owner.

Why Most Fear the Home Business Owner

The successful Home Business Owner flies in the face of the American educational system created by people like Rockefeller and Morgan to have more competent workers. If more people realize that schooling is for one purpose, and one purpose only (to make you a better employee) then the veil lifted may reveal other common fallacies around employment, investing and the media.

Yesterday I spoke at a local chamber event. A guy came up to me before the meeting started and said “Network Marketing huh?” with a smirk and sneer on his face. Once he learned that I have created a high multiple 6 figure income with network marketing, a multiple 6 figure income with online marketing and a 6 figure income for my coaching and speaking business, never having finished college and failing English 4 in High School, he handed me his card and asked me to contact him…

There is no hiding the Home Business Owner any longer

Years ago, before the Internet, the family next to you could be making $30,000-$100,000 a month with their home business and you would never know it. Top network marketers were legends within their companies, some making millions, and were unknown outside their company. There are leaders within Network Marketing that have been making 20 million+ a year for over 20 years that you would ONLY know their name IF you were in that company.

The Internet chipped the veil. Social Media smashed it.

Now once-confident employees are forced to witness the lifestyles of the enlightened. Forced to see the home business owner taking their kids on more vacations, spending more time with loved ones and CHOOSING how they spend their time. Clinging to degrees and 3-6% annual increases knowing each increase also increases the demands of their company, the light at the end of the tunnel called retirement is getting dimmer and dimmer…

You may have seen earlier why I think the trend will get even hotter

The Faces of the New Soldiers

They don’t just punch a clock and go home, drink a beer and watch the electronic income reducer. They attend webinars, read books, and travel to empowering events. They don’t watch the clock for 5’o’clock to show up so they can grab a beer and talk about sports, they look forward to 5’o’clock to get home to work on their dreams. Most of this new elite still have jobs but that is NOT their life. Their life is focused on becoming better so they can leave those jobs and fulltime work from home.

They are new soldiers because they have not reached their goals yet but they have decided to wage war on mediocrity. Wage war on being a cubicle slave. Wage war on having to ask permission to do anything. Wage war on minding a boss that doesn’t give a shit about them. They have decided, to wage war. This war is not one of physical violence but of mental clarity, focus and determination to ESCAPE MEDIOCRITY.

There is a rising…are you part of it?

If you are a part of it, share this message. Let the light permeate the darkness. Let them all see you know a better way, a way where YOU can be in control, a way where YOU are the designer of your dreams. Let them see.

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