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Why Work at Home Businesses Will Thrive


If you have ever considered a better lifestyle, one that has you spending more time with your family and less time at the office or with your boss, this post will help you see that work at home businesses are a great idea and exactly why the timing is perfect.

Who Would Even Consider a Work From Home Business?

I think there are several categories in todays world. Here are a few:

1. The person that has finally realized that the higher you go up the corporate ladder the more they will pay you but also the more they will demand of you. In most cases, it’s paid servitude.

2. The person that realizes that work at home businesses allow YOU to be in control AND with todays tools (social media, blogging, etc) they CAN be successful without being an amazing presenter or trainer.

3. The person that does not have time. This may sound weird as a lot of times that is the biggest objection people have about work at home businesses is they don’t have time, well, if you understand that good work at home businesses pay you RESIDUAL INCOME and your job doesn’t, the person with no time all of a sudden realizes that they will NEVER have time in their life UNLESS they create something that does pay them passive income.

Any other categories of people that you think should be looking at a work at home business opportunity? Be sure to comment below.

Why Work at Home Businesses Will THRIVE

In a lot of countries, (especially mine), is is becoming much more costly to have employees. The idea of increasing the taxes for business owners is a shell game that actually hurts everyone. While the middle class and poor buy into the idea of taxing the job creators or the rich, all it does is force business owners to pass that cost down and pay lower wages, enforce longer work schedules and do more global outsourcing. So the cost of state-run healthcare or higher costs so the government can take care of you (because the government is so good at running things, right?) actually hurt the middle class and poor much more as the wealthy choose to just take their toys and go home and move to other countries or simply employ less people.

This is NOT trying to be overly political, however, the bottom line is if the trend continues, more people will struggle to make ends meet, especially in the lower-middle class range. This creates opportunity for those NOT wanting to settle for government cheese and has those people desiring a better life to look into alternative forms of income. Those types of people run into the following:

1. Franchises
2. Starting their own small business (with the inherent problems their boss had that started their search)
3. Network Marketing

Having done all three, Network Marketing is the lowest overhead and has the same tax advantages as the other two. IF YOU are reading this, know that it is a great time to position yourself in the industry (online and offline) and intercept this huge trend of displaced employees.

How to Intercept the Trend

1. Get positioned. If you are NOT currently in one of the work at home businesses, get with someone who can teach you how do start. The four main components to evaluate are team, training, support and leadership.

2. Learn Marketing. Marketers rule. If I wanted to I could start a plumbing business tomorrow, not knowing anything about plumbing, and dominate my area due to my ability to market. Attend marketing events, read books on marketing and get around smart marketers and spend time with them.

3. Have the long term vision. Network Marketing is a long term play, which, IS A GOOD THING. Too many people go broke trying to get rich quick, stop that already, it’s a waste of time. With the global community we live in now, it is easy to run webinars for multiple countries as well as prospect people in your area via social media.

This trend is happening right now. Which side of the fence are you on? I believe there will be a lot of displaced employees and unhappy people with the different things going on in the different governments around the world. Be smart and don’t quit your job right away but at least have a plan b that could potentially grow into your full-time income. And what if I am wrong? What if the economy magically gets better and rainbows and unicorns dance across the landscape? Well, I still think it’s good to have more tax advantages and multiple streams of income. Do you agree with me? Comment below. Not agree with me? Tell me I am nuts below, looking forward to your comments!

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